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Daffney Unger’s Friends Sought Help From 911 Before Her Death

by Josh Lanier
(Image Via Getty Images)

As Daffney Unger seemed to be preparing to harm herself on an Instagram Live stream, her friends were frantically calling 911 to get her help. Unfortunately, the police weren’t able to reach the former WCW wrestler in time because they couldn’t find her address.

A friend called the police in Georgia and asked them to check on Unger, whose real name is Stephanie Spruill. She was making odd comments on a live stream and clearly needed help. But the address he had for her wasn’t up to date.

TMZ got audio of the 911 call. Police didn’t release the name of the caller, but he said he is a friend of Unger’s.

“She is on Instagram Live about to commit suicide, reading suicide letters,” the man said in the recording.

“Talking about where to donate her things. Crying. Won’t answer her phone. Certainly needs a wellness check.”

But Daffney Unger had moved from the address he gave to the police.

Another person also called 911. This caller had the correct apartment complex, but they didn’t know the unit she lived in. Cops tried to find out which apartment was hers but didn’t get an answer from the building supervisors in time, TMZ said.

Police did locate the unit later when her mom called for a wellness check. Firefighters had to kick in the door to get inside. The body of Daffney Unger was on the floor with what they believed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. She was 46.

“Certainly this is a tragic situation but our officers did all they could within the boundaries of Georgia law and departmental policies,” a Gwinnett Police Dept. spokesperson told TMZ.

“They made a good faith effort to locate Shannon each time they got updated information.”

Daffney Unger Wants Her Brain Studied for CTE

During her emotional Instagram Live stream, Daffney Unger said she felt depressed and alone. She’s holding what appears to be a pistol in her hand.

“Do you guys not understand that I am all alone? Do you not understand that?” she said. Later she added, “Remember, my brain goes to Boston.”

Unger was referring to Boston University’s Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Center. She wanted researchers to study her brain. The former wrestler said thought she had CTE, a severe brain injury linked to head trauma. Researchers say CTE can cause mood disorders and severe depression.

She’d be far from the first wrestler to commit suicide or be the first athlete diagnosed with CTE. Unger spoke about suffering from depression and mental illness before.

Daffney Unger wrestled in the WCW from 1999-2001 and in TNA from 2008-2011. She was best known for her “Scream Queen” persona.