Dak Prescott Locks Down Monster Contract with Cowboys: Here’s How His Girlfriend Celebrated

by Josh Lanier

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott’s girlfriend gave fans a glimpse into what it looks like to sign a contract worth more than some country’s economies.

Nicole Buffett uploaded a photo of Prescott in his Cowboys uniform screaming, the New York Post reported, just after the deal was finalized. Buffett has an active social media account, and she frequently posts photos of what it’s like to live in luxury. The mind boggles at what they’ll get up to as Prescott pulls in as much as $160 million over the next four years. That includes a $66 million signing bonus, the highest ever in the NFL, ESPN reported.

Even by NFL quarterback standards, Prescott is having a great offseason. He spent Valentine’s Day on a beautiful beach with Buffett. He’s seemingly made a full recovery from that devastating injury last season. Though, it seems as if Buffett helped with that as well. He just signed a gigantic contract, one of the biggest in NFL history. And he celebrated the birth of his nephew last week.

All of that good fortune follows years of heated negotiations with the team. In the four years since the Cowboys drafted him, Prescott has a career 42-27 record, 17,364 passing yards, 106 touchdown passes, and 40 interceptions.

Dak Prescott Gives Back to the Community

As winter stormed crippled large portions of Texas, many people were without electricity or heat. They had no access to food and the government was slow to get aid to them.

So Dak Prescott stepped up to help out until the city could get back on its feet. He donated money to OurCalling, a faith-based initiative that feeds the homeless and vulnerable.

As word spread about Prescott’s gift, Actor Matthew McConaughey, a native Texan who lives in Austin, also donated money for meals.

“Opening an emergency weather shelter for nearly 1,000 homeless individuals in Dallas at the Convention Center has been our most difficult task. But we are thankful and encouraged that @McConaughey and @dak are sending support to purchase meals for the individuals and families.

Other local celebrities also stepped up to help out, as well. Deshaun Watson, the quarterback for the Houston Texans, donated meals to help his city’s police officers.