WATCH: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Analyzes Insane Final Lap of 2021 Daytona 500

by Evan Reier

Dale Earnhardt Jr. knows that, sometimes, leading late in a race can prompt some difficult decisions. As the recent Daytona 500 showed us, those decisions can lead to massive wrecks.

That’s essentially what happened when Joey Logano and his No. 22 car was dealing with Brad Keselowski on his tail. With very little blacktop left, Keselowski made his move, and Logano attempted to block him. A classic Daytona 500 crash ensued.

After digesting the race, Dale Earnhardt Jr. took to his podcast, “The Dale Jr. Download” to discuss the finale that saw Michael McDowell claim a massive first win on the NASCAR Cup Series. However, the focus of Earnhardt and co-host Mike Davis didn’t solely center on McDowell.

Instead, the finish prompted a discussion about blocking, which saw the NASCAR legend provide context to the crash.

“The bad blocks, Mike,” Earnhardt Jr. starts. “Are the ones where guys pulling down in front of somebody who’s 10 miles per hour at the last minute.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Explains Joey Logano’s Position

For many fans, that likely comes off as a condemnation of Logano’s move on the final lap. However, Earndhart Jr. says otherwise.

“I need to see aerial, really,” Earnhardt Jr. says. “But Joey [Logano] is aggressive. He’s an aggressive blocker. He is. I imagine that [spotter] T.J. [Majors] was giving him plenty of information. I don’t know that his block was too late, but I’d have to look at it aerial-wise to see really. Did he come from the top all the way down across the track and was just like, “Look, I’m going wherever Brad [Keselowski] is going and giving Brad no choice but to hit me in the back. That’s absolutely going to cause a crash because Brad is getting pushed and they’re going 5-10 miles per hour faster than Joey.”

So, while the optics don’t exactly work in Logano’s favor, Earnhardt isn’t ready to completely slam him for the move. But by the same token, he says it’s clear that a crash was inevitable with the move.

“Joey was gonna get passed,” Earnhardt Jr. said. “Anything that he does to try and stop that from happening is going to be a crash. No question.”

But as he said above, Earnhardt Jr. is seemingly conflicted. This is especially the case considering he hasn’t had the aerial view he spoke on previously.

However, he knows a bad block. It’s just a matter of if Logano’s was to that definition.

“I’d have to look at it a little bit more,” Earnhardt Jr. said. “But in those moments, you know, if you pull down at the very last-minute, that’s a bad block. You don’t give anybody around you or coming with that head of steam any chance but to run in the back of you or have to aggressively turn the steering wheel and get themselves spun out.”