Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Birthday ‘Trending’, But Fans Point Out NASCAR Driver’s Real Birthday is in October

by Katie Maloney

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Birthday is in October, so why does it seem like Twitter is celebrating today?

Today has been an interesting day on Twitter for Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans. It appears that Twitter listed the NASCAR champion’s birthday under trending topics today. But he didn’t win the Most Popular Driver Award fifteen consecutive times for no reason – Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s got fans. And those fans were quick to point out that Dale’s birthday is actually on October 10th.

One fan wrote, “Twitter is so off that it thinks today is Dale Earnhardt Jr’s birthday.”

Another fan wrote, “Why does it say fans are wishing Dale Earnhardt Jr a happy birthday under my what’s happening tab? His birthday is in October. lol”

Nevertheless, we’re always up for celebrating a birthday, even on a totally unrelated day. So, in celebration of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s not-birthday, here are three of his best career moments. And these are listed in no particular order because who can really rank the icon’s best moments?

That Time He Won The 2000 All-Star Race

In 2000, Dale Earnhardt Jr. became the first rookie to win the series All-Star Race. During the race, he sped past six other drivers before catching and passing defending series champion Dale Jarrett. And he did it all with barely a lap and a half remaining. After the race, Jr.’s dad and team owner joined his son in the winner’s circle.

When He Won His First Daytona 500

No driver forgets the moment they win the sport’s most iconic race. For Earnhardt Jr., it took him five visits to the speedway before he snagged the win. It was the 10th win of his career. With about 20 laps to go, Earnhardt Jr. took the lead from Tony Stewart. Ten years later, he won the Daytona 500 and won again. During a video interview in 2017, Earndhardt Jr. talked about winning his first Daytona 500.

“It takes a little less than a minute to get around that track, it seemed like every lap took 10 minutes to run,” he said.

When Dale Earnhardt Jr. Won the Pepsi 400 in 2001

“If they make any kind of movie relative to my life, it’ll probably be about that win,” Earnhardt said during the same interview. “It was just hard to believe – too good to be true.”

Not even five months before this race, Dale Earnhardt Sr. was tragically killed on the final lap of the Daytona 500. The Pepsi 400 was the first time the sport returned to the track after the tragedy. Undoubtedly, every fan in the stands wanted Dale Earnhardt Jr. to win that race. And, in one of the most legendary moments in the sport, he did. We agree Dale, that victory deserves a movie.