Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s ‘Lost Speedways’ Returning for Season Two

by Jennifer Shea

Starting in July of 2020, Dale Earnhardt Jr. got together with Peacock to offer NASCAR fans tours of abandoned racetracks. His show, “Lost Speedways,” is now returning for Season 2.

The show’s second season will be available on Peacock at some point this summer. In it, Earnhardt will explore decaying racetracks and answer lingering questions at spots across the country. Earnhardt also executive produces “Lost Speedways.”

The former racecar driver shared the news on his podcast, “The Dale Jr. Download.” While he didn’t tip his hand as to which racetracks will show up next, he did say that Arundel Speedway in Maine will feature in the second season.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Says Season 2 Features Broader Footprint

Earnhardt said the show got a positive response from fans in Season 1, and the new season aims higher – and broader – than the previous one did.

“It’s my privilege to announce ‘Lost Speedways’ is back for a second season on Peacock,” Earnhardt said in a press release, per PopCulture. “The fan response from season 1 was too overwhelming to stop. Our goal for season 2 was to broaden our footprint. We did that with trips into New England, Texas, West Virginia and Florida.”

“This new run of episodes features amazing tracks, incredible stories and legendary racers,” he added. “My Dirty Mo Media crew did an outstanding job capturing the essence of these old speedways, and I had a blast exploring them.”

Earnhardt Recently Sold Key West House for $3 Million

Earnhardt has been living the good life in Key West, Florida, where he just sold a house he bought in 2009 for $2.4 million for $3 million, the New York Post reported.

The 3,300-square-foot house features turquoise shutters and an in-ground pool. It had been on the market since last February, according to People magazine.

The house has a pirate ship theme, with a mural, skull and crossbones emblems and a ship’s wheel at the tip of the bar. It also features fishnets and ropes.

One can only wonder what Earnhardt’s wife Amy, an interior decorator, thought of the space. Earnhardt bought it two years before they started dating.

But the couple is now happily married and, apparently, moving on to greener pastures. Earnhardt also owns property in North Carolina, and they should have plenty left over with which to buy another house should they so choose.