Dale Earnhardt Jr. Once Revealed Hilariously Specific Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan

by Katie Maloney

Who doesn’t have a lifetime supply of nonperishables and a detailed zombie apocalypse survival plan? Dale Earnhardt Jr. certainly does.

When it comes to racing cars, you have to have a plan. However, you also have to be skilled enough to navigate unplanned circumstances on the track. As a former NASCAR pro, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has all that on lock.

Luckily, surviving the zombie apocalypse would probably take an equal amount of preparedness and the ability to improvise. So, it seems like Jr. is ready if the zombies come. In fact, he shared his zombie apocalypse survival plan on Twitter. And while it doesn’t include any food prepping, his plan sounds pretty good to us.

Jr. wrote, “I’d drive to Key West, TnT the 7 mile bridge. And party.”

If the plan is good enough for Dale Earnhardt Jr., it’s good enough for us!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Doesn’t Plan to Fight Zombies in His Pirate-Themed Home

Cleary, Dale Jr.’s zombie survival plan doesn’t involve taking shelter in his pirate-themed mansion, as he just sold it for an insane amount of money. The 3,306-square-foot home recently sold for $3 million. With five bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths, the home in Key West’s Old Town dates back to 1863. Which is already cool. But what makes the home even more unique is that it’s pirate-themed.

The home features a pirate-themed kitchen, complete with rope-covered columns and a sunset mural on the wall. It also has a bar with a ship’s wheel at one end and a secret hidden hatch door to observe people in the parlor. Additionally, there’s a deep pool in the backyard, 14 feet deep to be exact. And the second-floor balcony has a gate that allows you to jump off the balcony into the pool. In other words, the house was perfect for an action-loving guy like Dale Earnhardt Jr.

However, the former driver put the house on the market about a year ago. According to the listing agent, this is the buyers’ very first home. They are pirate-lovers themselves. So, they plan to keep the house exactly as it is. We’re happy for the sale, Dale Earnhardt Jr., but we would have loved a zombie apocalypse plan that also included swashbuckling pirates.