Dale Earnhardt Jr. Tells Legendary Story About How He ‘Saved’ His Wife After Jellyfish Sting

by Chris Haney

During his most recent podcast episode, NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. shared a hilarious story about how he “saved” his wife after she got stung by a jellyfish.

Earnhardt Jr. owns an original content company called Dirty Mo Media. He hosts his own podcast named “The Dale Jr. Download,” and recently opened up about a family beach trip during an episode. While soaking up some sun with his wife, Amy, and their eldest daughter, Isla, things took a turn for the worst.

Amy accidentally stepped on a jellyfish that washed up on the beach. Anyone that’s ever been stung by one of the sea creatures knows how uncomfortable a jellyfish sting can be. The former NASCAR driver turned broadcaster had an idea, but admittedly neither of them knew if it would work.

You may have heard about the gross antidote for a jellyfish sting. Or you may have seen the situation play out on a hysterical episode of Friends back in the day. However, with Amy’s permission, the couple decided to test out the theory of urinating on a jellyfish sting.

“She was in bad pain, and she said, ‘Do you think that’ll work?’” Dale Jr. recalled on the podcast. He breached the idea, and his wife was in so much pain she decided to give it a try. However, the couple and their daughter were on the beach. Since other people were around, Dale Earnhardt Jr. had to get creative.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and His Wife Amy Get Creative

The legendary NASCAR racer had to think quick. His wife Amy was in a lot of pain, so he needed to make a decision fast. Dale Earnhardt Jr. realized his beach chairs were low to the ground. So he dug a hole in the sand in front him and with a little maneuvering placed his wife in front of him with her foot in the hole.

“We have these chairs that are flat on the ground, alright? And so I dug a hole in the sand in front of me, and she stuck her foot down in it. I didn’t even have to move. I peed on her foot, and then I filled the hole in,” he hilariously explained.

The married couple positioned their belongings all around themselves. They basically made a makeshift fort to block onlookers from the fact that Dale Earnhardt Jr. was about to pee on his wife’s foot. As ridiculous as it sounds, their plan worked. No one on the beach saw a thing, and Amy swears it alleviated her pain instantly.

“No one saw anything,” he added. “We maneuvered all of our things around to where there was not anybody in our line of sight. I’m literally sitting almost ass on the beach; we’re low to the ground. Our chair bottoms sit on the dirt. … We’re laughing like hell, yes. I was probably laughing a little more. Amy was hurting but laughing and crying. She was hurting and laughing. It worked! I’d never done it, never tried it. You hear about it.”