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Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s ‘Big Red’ Truck Is a Work of Art

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Matt Sullivan/NASCAR via Getty Images)

It’s been quite a while since we have seen former NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. whipping around a race track.

While Dale Earnhardt Jr. may have left the world of competitive racing behind, he’s still a man who loves his motor vehicles. The former NASCAR Cup Series star also has a deep passion for anything with four wheels on it. He can often be found tinkering with his own vehicles as it is one of his favorite downtime activities. Dale Earnhardt Jr. owns and has owned a number of motor vehicles through the years with more likely coming.

One of his favorites is his Chevrolet pickup truck with great off-road capabilities in addition to many others. He lovingly refers to the Chevy Silverado as “Big Red” and also takes very good care of the 20-year-old vehicle. Despite being up there in years, the truck looks brand spanking new thanks to Dale Earnhardt’s care for it. A big car and truck guy, the NASCAR Hall of Famer takes excellent care of all his vehicles.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. recently did some upgrading to “Big Red” that’s turned the truck into a real eye-catcher. Among the improvements he’s recently made to the vehicle are new wheels and tires and an alignment. He’s documenting the improvements to “Big Red” via his social media. His most recent update came just yesterday (Monday) on Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Instagram page. Just take a look at this magnificent vehicle — anyone would be proud to own this truck.

Isn’t she a real beauty? Earnhardt Jr. includes four photos in his social media post that show the truck’s latest additions and improvements.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Details ‘Big Red’s’ Big Upgrades

The former racer explained what he’s done in his most recent work on the truck.

“Been messing with Big Red a bit lately,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. says in the post. “New wheels and tires, alignment. Had my buddy @sabrawley put some red paint on the gas door and front skid plate. I worked on the hood a lot to get it to align better with the headlights and grill. Dropped the back 1” with some shackles off eBay to level the truck. Getting some cheap rocker step bars painted right now that I might put on. Truck looks better and drives great. Only 10k miles and almost 20 years young.”

We salute you Dale Earnhardt Jr. — you are a true Outsider.

It was just over a year ago that Dale Earnhardt Jr. learned that he would be joining his late father in the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The 47-year-old is one of the most popular drivers to ever participate in the Cup Series. Before retiring in 2017, He won 26 races during his Cup Series career.