Dallas Cowboys Fans Likely Won’t Love What Jerry Jones Is Saying About Possible Trades

by Suzanne Halliburton
Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Jerry Jones doesn’t plan on working the phones as the trade deadline fast approaches. The Dallas Cowboys owner is standing pat, maybe because he figures his roster is about to get a lot better.

For context, the NFL trade deadline is Nov. 1. So let’s hear it from the guy who calls the shots for the Dallas Cowboys. Jones offered his trade thoughts during an interview this week on Dallas’ 105.3 The Fan.

“Absolutely nothing that involves a name of a player or a position that I’m seriously looking at at this moment,” Jones said (as transcribed by the Dallas Morning News. “Not one move. But could that change in 30 minutes? Of course it could. And always looking to get better. But I think the reality of the situation, I would say there’s not one.”

Keep in mind, Jerry Jones won’t be giving away Cowboys secrets on a radio program. But it does appear that the team owner is content with the roster he has, at least in late October. That’s probably because quarterback Dak Prescott returns to action this Sunday against the Lions after missing the past five games with a thumb injury. Somehow, the Cowboys managed a 4-2 record in Prescott’s absence as backup quarterback Cooper Rush went 4-1.

The Dallas Cowboys lost last Sunday to the Philadelphia Eagles. But with starting quarterback Dak Prescott on the sidelines with an injury, the Cowboys managed a 4-1 record. That might be why owner Jerry Jones sees no reason to make a trade. (Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Jerry Jones Said Perfect Player Still Might Not Be a Good Fit for Cowboys

Jones stressed that even though a terrific player might be out there for the taking, that’s no reason to trade for him.

“You first of all look at the player as to how he fits,” Jerry Jones said. “I’m not even going to say skill level. I’m going to say a combination of skill and how he fits with what you’re trying to do in your system. If he comes from a similar system or concept of offense or defense, then that’s one thing that might get your attention.”

Jones continued: “Then I think the other overwhelming thing is the structure and conditions that you would have bringing the player on. Do you have the same salary structure, is there a chance for renegotiation of the structure that might be more compatible with where you are with the cap?

“Those things are there too. But the same fundamentals is ability, availability, where you are. Is this a fit for the long time or is this a fit for this year? All of them very legitimate considerations over a trade. but those are the things that would come through my mind and would be the first things that I would look at if we came up with a name. Usually, if there is a good chance of making a trade, it comes when your phone rings, not when you pick up the phone and ring it.”

So maybe the question is whether Jerry Jones is taking any calls.