Dallas Cowboys Legend Michael Irvin Has Twitter Sounding Off Over Strange MNF Video

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Casey Sykes/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images

NFL fans on social media have raised a collective eyebrow after a recent video from Michael Irvin. The Hall of Famer had one of the strangest posts after the Dallas Cowboys defeated the New York Giants on Monday Night Football.

Drenched in sweat — which appeared to be from some sort of workout — Irvin took to Twitter following the Cowboys’ 23-16 win over the Giants Monday. The former Dallas wide receiver had a ton of praise for backup quarterback Cooper Rush.

“In Rush we trust!” Irvin shouted multiple times in the video.

Some thought Irvin’s video was awesome while others were clearly confused. Either way, it prompted a lot of comment on Twitter.

“Michael Irvin could motivate me to run through a f—– wall,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Michael Irvin jumped out of the sauna to record this,” another account said.

Irvin is known for having a high-energy personality, and he clearly lived up to that in his most recent video. Cowboys fans seemed to love it, especially with it coming out after a win.

The Week of Weird in the NFL

Michael Irvin’s video from Monday night was the latest weird thing we saw from Week 3 in the NFL. We also so a “butt punt” in Miami, some issues with the ManningCast, Terry Bradshaw’s on-air struggles and more.

The “butt punt” in Miami might’ve been the most-discussed topic from the weekend. In the shadow of his own goalpost, Thomas Morstead needed to get a punt off in a hurry, but his blocker got a little too close, causing the ball to ricochet off his backside.

Former NFL punter Pat McAfee broke it down on the ManningCast Monday night, saying the blame falls on the blocker, Trey Sherfield.

“It was [Sherfield’s fault],” McAfee said. “You can’t back up there. You can’t back up in that backed up situation. You’ve got to push forward… He was basically running his ass into that ball at the same time. Obviously, it’s not good, for anybody.”

Speaking of the ManningCast, how about some of those issues? First, Peyton and Eli Manning and former NFL head coach Jimmy Johnson created several awkward moments as they all attempted to talk over each other.

Then, fans had mixed reactions to the appearance from comedian Tracy Morgan. Some loved it while others thought it was another awkward sequence.

We also saw Terry Bradshaw make some serious on-air mistakes and 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo channeled his inner Dan Orlovsky, stepping out of the back of the endzone with the ball still in his hands.

Simply put, Irvin’s video wasn’t the only weird thing to come from Week 3 of the NFL season.