Dallas Cowboys Reveal Alternate Helmet for 2022 Season: PHOTO

by Patrick Norton

The Dallas Cowboys have unveiled a throwback for Thanksgiving Day 2022. Expected to debut against the New York Giants on November 24, the classic Cowboys white helmet is making its long awaited return to the NFL.

In a Thursday morning release, Cowboys Chief Brand Officer Charlotte Jones says, “We’re beyond excited to bring back our throwback white helmets this season. The white helmet, along with the throwback uniforms honoring our teams from the 1960s, have long been a fan favorite, and we’re thrilled to bring back the tradition of wearing those helmets and uniforms on Thanksgiving Day once again.”

The team also announced the helmet would pair with the classic navy jerseys with white sleeves. The bucket commemorates the original look of America’s team. The white helmet made appearances on Thanksgiving Day between 2004-2012. However, a ruling in 2013 prohibited the usage of secondary helmets out of an abundance of concussion caution.

The Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions play every Thanksgiving Day, making it as much of a tradition as the turkey in the middle of your table. However, Detroit could wear throwbacks, simply removing the decals from the new-age helmet to a simple plain grey.

But a 2022 reversal of the 2013 ruling allows for alternate helmets, allowing the Cowboys to partake in the holiday experience again.

Dallas Cowboys Not Alone in Sporting Alternate Uniforms in 2022

While some consider it a copy of the Buffalo Bills’ home uniforms, the New York Giants plan to throw it back to the 1980s and 90s. Bringing back the classic “GIANTS” block lettering on the helmets also brings vibes of the Lawrence Taylor era. However, an underwhelming defensive presence in 2022 says otherwise.

The Carolina Panthers also released a sneak peak at an upcoming black helmet with Carolina blue accents.

The Cowboys and Giants join the Philadelphia Eagles in bringing back a classic. The Eagles plan to sport the Kelly green jerseys from the 20th century. That leaves the Washington Commanders as the lone wolf in the NFC East without a retro look. However, it remains somewhat unlikely we see those uniforms take the gridiron any time soon.