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Dallas Cowboys Tribute Military Members, Medal of Honor Recipients

by Brett Stayton
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

On Sunday night the Dallas Cowboys saddle broke the Indianapolis Colts 54 – 19. The Cowboys also rocked a creative spin on their legendary lone-starred silver helmets, much to the delight of football fans everywhere. Instead of the typical blue and white stripes, the new headgear also included a red stripe. Less noticeable but even more awesome was the Medal of Honor decal on the back of the helmets.

Sunday night’s celebration of America wasn’t just limited to the colors on the Cowboy’s helmets though. The ceremony that took place at halftime was even more special than anything that took place during the game. The National Anthem before the game was also especially notable.

Dallas Cowboys Pay Respects to Medal of Honor Recipients

The ceremony paid its respects to all men and women who have proudly served the United States with dedicated military service. 17 Medal of Honor recipients were on the field and recognized for their exceptional courage.

According to NBC 5 Dallas – Fort Worth, the Cowboys organization was proud to use the big stage to raise awareness for the sacrifices that proud Americans who wear military uniforms often make for the sake of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It was the perfect place for such a ceremony to take place. The National Medal of Honor Museum is under construction and will open around the corner from AT&T Stadium in 2024. Exhibits will showcase the stories of the 3,515 American heroes that have been bestowed with a Medal of Honor.

Chris Cassidy, the President of the National Medal of Honor Museum explained that “There are 64 living Medal of Honor recipients out of 3,515 that have ever been awarded, tonight we have 17 of them here in the building. The National Medal of Honor Museum is being built here in Arlington, Texas, but it’s a national museum for all Americans to enjoy. It’s just amazing to have this spotlight on the museum. Every one of those stories is so inspirational, I encourage folks just to read a few chapters or a few paragraphs on a Medal of Honor citation, it blows you away and you’re really proud to be an American when you read those.”

Real-Life Superheroes

Army Veteran Florent Groberg was one of the 17 real-life superheroes honored during the ceremony. He served as a Captain during the war on terrorism in Afghanistan. On August 8th, 2012 he noticed a suicide bomber approaching his unit and risked his own life. Groberg tackled the attacker and dragged him away from his teammates. His heroic actions saved the lives of many that day.

“As a service member and a veteran, the recognition is always a little uncomfortable, but it’s an honor. It’s humbling. It’s humbling, it’s incredible, but really for us, it’s an opportunity for people to understand the consequences at times of what wearing a uniform and going to war means,” said Groberg.