Dan Orlovsky Has Perfect Reaction After Jimmy Garoppolo Runs Out of Endzone for Safety

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Dan Orlovsky is channeling his inner William Wallace. The former NFL quarterback-turned-analyst felt a weight lifted off his shoulders after Jimmy Garoppolo’s embarrassing safety during the San Francisco 49ers’ matchup against the Denver Broncos Sunday night.

In the third quarter of Sunday Night Football, the 49ers were in the shadow of their own goal post. When Garoppolo took a snap from under center, he took one too many steps backward, stepping out of the back of the endzone before throwing the football.

The Broncos were rewarded two points because of Garoppolo’s momentary lapse. And though Denver was the beneficiary on the field, it was Orlovsky who was the biggest winner.

Orlovsky had a similar play when he was the quarterback of the Detroit Lions in 2008. For the longest time, the former QB carried the weight of that embarrassing moment on his shoulders.

After seeing Garoppolo make the same error Sunday night, Orlovsky had the perfect tweet in response.


Orlovsky waited 14 years. He’s finally a free quarterback.

Jimmy Garoppolo Not Week 3’s Only Victim of Embarrassing Moments

While Dan Orlovsky might be celebrating Jimmy Garoppolo’s mental error from Sunday night, the 49ers quarterback wasn’t the only NFL player to experience some embarrassment. The Miami Dolphins also had an issue this week.

Miami’s punter, Thomas Morstead, was in a similar situation in a game against the Buffalo Bills. With his heels against the back of the endzone, Morstead caught a snap and attempted to punt the ball quickly.

Unfortunately, it bounced right off his blocker’s backside. It brought back shades of Mark Sanchez’s “butt fumble,” which NFL fans continue to reference today.

The third week of the NFL season proved to be crazy for a variety of reasons. Garoppolo and Morstead undoubtedly added to the wildness.