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Dan Orlovsky Hilariously Mispronounces Iowa QB Spencer Petras’ Name

by Quentin Blount
Photo by NFL Photos

ESPN commentator Dan Orlovsky made an unfortunate mistake while discussing the Iowa Hawkeyes football game.

While on air, Orlovsky called Iowa quarterback Spencer Petras the wrong name by accident. More specifically, Orlovsky said that “Spencer Penis” was disappointed by a moment during the 21-20 loss.

A Hawkeyes fan caught the mistake and was quick to post the evidence on social media. Fans on Twitter immediately began making jokes about the quarterback as well as the ESPN commentator. They didn’t hold back with comments and directly tweeted at the former NFL quarterback.

The fan who caught the slip up posted the clip to Twitter with the caption, “Spencer Penis.”

The frustrated Iowa fan continued his rant on Twitter. He expressed his opinion that the 2020 season would be another difficult one for the Hawkeyes. Especially after Petras threw three interceptions against the Northwestern defense.

“I could sit here and rage about it all again, but why bother. This is just what Iowa football is going to be for the next 20 years,” he said. “A good, solid season every 4 or 5 years to keep everyone happy, and this old-timey bullsh-t every other season. So whatever, bring on hoops.”

However, the fan took solace in the humor that Orlovsky provided during the game with his slip up.

“Hey, Dan Orlovsky called our quarterback Spencer Penis, so at least there’s that. Find the silver linings in every day,” the frustrated fan tweeted on Saturday.

Orlovsky compiled a solid 10-year NFL career as a backup quarterback.

Dan Orlovsky Not the First Analyst to Mess Up a Name

While the “Spencer Penis” moment was embarrassing for Orlovsky, he isn’t the only analyst to make a mistake when discussing various players. Back in 2011, former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann also made a mistake on live TV.  He referred to former running back Danny Woodhead as “Danny Woodcock.”

When Theismann made the comment, other analysts the NFL Network set began laughing uncontrollably. Deion Sanders fell facedown on the floor. Meanwhile, Mike Mayock and Steve Mariucci both slumped in their chairs. Theismann just walked off the set while laughing at his own mistake.