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Dana White Says UFC Went ‘Old School’ John Wayne in 2021

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

The UFC isn’t for the light-hearted, and Dana White demonstrates that plenty. Recently, he posted a great John Wayne clip to use as an analogy.

Almost everyone has seen the clip White shared. It is a very famous John Wayne scene where he throws a young boy into a river after he tells him he can’t swim. For likely hundreds of years, people have been learning how to swim the hard way. Being thrown right into the deep end.

Apparently, Dana White loves the clip. So, he decided to share it along with a message about the UFC, the last two years, and what is ahead in the future. Check out the Instagram post below.

“I LOVE this old school, hardcore, clip!!! This post is not about swimming. It’s about teaching young people that life is full of adversity. Throughout your life YOU WILL find yourself in some scary situations, and nothing is more important than learning how to fight through the shit that is thrown at you,” the caption read in part.

It isn’t any surprise that the UFC has been successful in the last year. Dana White credits that to being resilient and battling through adversity.

The UFC Took A Setback and Made It An Opporunity

White was passionate in the caption of his Instagram post. After making his point about teaching young people life lessons about hardship and scary situations, he continued to talk about the UFC. Specifically, he talked about how the UFC took the pandemic and made the best of it.

“What [COVID] did for the UFC was give us the opportunity to prove that fear, hardship, and uncertainty are actually opportunities to grow,” the post continued. “We crushed 2020 and 2021. It is time for everything to get back to normal. Make 2022 your year. JUMP IN AND SWIM!”

Over the years, Dana White has built the UFC into a worldwide spectacle. There aren’t many sports fans that haven’t heard of the Ultimate Fighting Championship if any exist at all. Combat sports seem to be getting more popular every year from boxing to MMA. Right now, it seems White is enjoying time to drink some bourbon and hang out with his good friend…Kid Rock?

Kid Rock Joins Dana White at UFC Christmas Party

With the year coming to a close, even the UFC is taking a small break to celebrate and reflect. After Amanda Nunes lost her belt the other night, Kid Rock joined White at the UFC Christmas Party. It isn’t a party without a little something to drink. The good thing is, the UFC has an official flavored whiskey.

Howler Head is a flavored Kentucky bourbon made in North Charleston, South Carolina. It is infused with banana flavor and apparently Rock and Dana White crushed a bottle together. Merry Christmas indeed!