Dancing Robot was the Only Thing Mizzou Did Right on Saturday

by Jonathan Howard

Y’all ever have a day where you just couldn’t do anything right? Well, Mizzou had one of those days today against the Tennessee Volunteers. Losing 62-24 is never fun. However, at halftime, they did have a robot dog dancing with the marching band…so that’s cool.

You know those robots from Boston Dynamics. They go up and down the obstacle courses and some may even be patrolling the streets with law enforcement. Well, now they are being used in college football halftime shows. Is this cool, weird, or something else? I’m not sure, but it is fascinating.

More than one fan asked if this robot knew how to play defense. Which, fair enough. When your team gives up almost nine touchdowns worth of points, you ask if the robot dog can defend a fade route. Look, we’ve all been there. However, Mizzou fans just had an awful day.

Volunteers running back Tiyon Evans just had a field day with the defense. He carried the ball 15 times for 156 yards and THREE touchdowns. Then Hendon Hooker put another 80 rushing yards up plus a touchdown and Marcus Pierce had 45 yards and a score. They literally ran all over them.

Connor Bazelak had a rough day out there. 27/44 for 322 yards and 2 interceptions. Not a winning formula. Not everything was bad for underdog teams on Saturday, though. Over in the Pac-12, an overtime battle brought down a top-5 team. Meanwhile, a top-10 Florida team lost in Lexington.

Mizzou Falters, Stanford and Kentucky Win Big Upsets

While Mizzou let Tennessee get away with anything they wanted on offense, two teams elsewhere got things done as underdogs. No.3 Oregon went to Stanford and thought they would come away with a win over the two-loss team.

The Ducks had a signature win against Ohio State in Columbus already. So, Oregon was a solid favorite. However, they could not get the rhythm going on offense. The Cardinal pushed Oregon to the limit. It went into overtime where Stanford stood tall. They held Oregon scoreless and found the endzone for the win.

In Lexington, Kentucky, the Florida Gators went down in a classic of a game. The environment was wild and the Gators had many false start penalties. A blocked field goal attempt was returned for a touchdown as the highlight of the game.

While the passing game wasn’t great for the Wildcats, the combination of defense and a strong run game allowed them to force Florida into a rough position. The Gators spent the fourth quarter playing catchup and it never materialized with all the penalties. So for the first time since 1986, the Cats take the win against Florida at home.

Mizzou did not have that puncher’s luck and found themselves more impressed with a robot on the field than the actual play. Tough times for the Tigers.