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Danica Patrick Reveals Intimate Details About Her New Relationship: ‘We’re Both Super Open-Minded’

by Evan Reier
Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/ACMA2019/Getty Images for ACM)

Danica Patrick just recently announced her new relationship with Carter Comstock, and now she’s opening up about the details.

On April 16, Patrick posted on Instagram with new boyfriend Carter Comstock. Comstock, for those who are unaware, is a found of meal delivery service Freshly. Like Patrick, Comstock is big on health and living a lifestyle of positivity.

In a recent interview with Extra, the former NASCAR driver went in-depth on what is making them work.

“We both love to travel and we’re both super open-minded,” Danica Patrick explained. “And I had this sort of grand vision for finding someone I could just sit on the couch with and, like, have a glass of wine and just literally come up with any topic at all, simple or complicated. Just go, ‘Let’s talk about a tree’ and just go for two hours on the nature of a tree… I just always imagined how great it would be to find someone to sit on the couch and talk with for hours, and that’s just what we do.”

It’s a very sweet statement from Patrick, and being able to be engaged even with nothing going on is always a good sign.

Danica Patrick Saved Dog from a Coyote Attack

While the 39-year-old is enjoying some newfound love, she also played protector recently. While in Arizona, some coyotes apparently came after her dog.

She first revealed the details on April 26, saying that she had to run off the wild animals.

“Mom coming in hot to save my baby from the coyotes,” Patrick captioned her Instagram story. “You should see my face!”

However, it wasn’t the coyotes that got to Danica, but instead some branches.

“I’m looking for you coyotes,” Danica Patrick wrote. “In the meantime the tree branches found my face.”

In the interview with Extra, the former racer gave a bit more context to what went down.

“My scratches are still healing up,” Patrick said. “I live in Arizona… I had let my dogs be outside all the time. It’s fenced in; however, it’s not tall enough… I know something can get in now; she got attacked. I was out in the garage working out… She just wandered off and I saw my other dog Ella just frantically panic… I just started running and that’s when the yelping started, the coyotes and her… They had gotten scared off by the yelling and running… She had seven bites on her.”

Thank goodness Mama Danica got there in time.