Danica Patrick Opens Up About How Reframing Imperfections Helps Her Avoid Judgement After Aaron Rodgers Split

by Thad Mitchell

One of the most well-known female athletes of all time, Danica Patrick is moving on with her life in the fast lane.

Last year, Patrick split with long-time boyfriend, Green Bay Packers star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The couple dated for a couple of years before calling it quits early last year. The reigning National Football League Most Valuable Player also got engaged to actress Shailene Woodley recently. The couple’s engagement came just a short while after Patrick and Rodgers broke up.

While Rodgers hasn’t spoken publicly about what led to the relationship’s demise, Danica Patrick calls it a learning experience. In a recent interview with journalist Tamron Hall, Patrick opens up about the lessons she takes from the relationship. The former NASCAR racer says accepting your own imperfections leads individuals to become better partners.

“When you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want,” Patrick says in the interview.

As the interview continues, Patrick explains some insights she has gained from past relationships. She certainly seems to be ready for a new relationship in the near future.

“I know what I want now,” she says. “And I am not willing to compromise or bend as much.”

Patrick also notes that accepting her own imperfections allows her to accept the imperfections of others. She shares words of wisdom for individuals looking to improve upon their relationships.

“Once I have accepted the imperfections that exist within me — I now give the other person permission to be imperfect,” she says. “As you heal, you are able to coexist with people in a much easier way.”

Danica Patrick Goes Soul Searching Overseas

The racing driver made news a short time ago when she put out a cryptic Instagram post upon learning of Rodgers’ engagement. The superstar quarterback came within a single game of reaching the Super Bowl this season. He and Woodley announced their engagement just last month to the surprise of many, including Danica Patrick.

The former NASCAR star took a trip overseas to Egypt where she apparently did some soul searching. She took to social media to post lengthy, yet introspective, message to her fans and followers.

In another social media post, Patrick urges her fans to “stop looking for a religious structure or person or home or a job or a city or a partner to make you feel better.”