Danica Patrick Poses in Front of the Iconic Sphinx on Egypt Vacation

by Chris Haney

On Sunday evening, former race car driver Danica Patrick shared an epic photo of herself in Egypt while standing in front of the Sphinx and Great Pyramid.

Patrick has been traveling around the world for a couple of weeks now and posted a glimpse into her journey. She shared an amazing photo with one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World in the background.

Off in the distance you can see the triangular shape of the Great Pyramid of Giza. In the foreground, the Great Sphinx of Giza towers over the former NASCAR driver as she stands beside its left paw. Additionally, as if the photo wasn’t already picturesque enough, the camera captures Patrick and the ancient constructions under a full moon.

“It was a long and amazing journey for 2 weeks and it ended yesterday morning with the great pyramid and the Sphinx….. during a full moon of course,” Patrick wrote to her 785,000 Instagram followers. “Everything is right on time.”

“Will definitely share more amazing pics. Lots of wow! Lots of history. And SO many questions about how and who done it,” she added.

Is Danica Patrick Traveling to Take Mind Off Aaron Rodgers and His New Fiancée?

Danica Patrick’s amazing journey to Egypt follows the news of her ex-boyfriend and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ abrupt engagement announcement.

Earlier this month, Rodgers announced his engagement during an NFL awards acceptance speech. He didn’t say who he proposed to at the time. However, many assumed he proposed to his girlfriend and actress Shailene Woodley. Yet the Super Bowl-winning quarterback had only just confirmed the pair were an item days before, which caused much confusion and speculation over the engagement.

Both Rodgers and Woodley eventually confirmed the big news and pictures of her engagement ring have circulated online. But another subplot of Rodgers’ relationship popped up recently when news broke that Patrick may have introduced her ex to his Hollywood fiancée.

Although Patrick has not confirmed or denied introducing the pair, sources have confirmed one particular connection in the love triangle. Page Six reported that Patrick connected Rodgers with her astrologer, Debra Silverman. Furthermore, Woodley is a client of Silverman as well.

Rodgers and Patrick broke up over the summer after two years of dating. With the news of her ex and Woodley’s engagement happening so fast and being all over the news, maybe Patrick needed a getaway vacation. Who could blame her if so?