Danica Patrick Poses In State-of-the-Art Wine Cellar, Talks Being Winery Owner

by Chris Haney

On Thursday afternoon, former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick showed off her brand new, state-of-the-art wine cellar.

In 2009, Patrick bought a vineyard in California‘s Napa Valley. The former racer created Somnium, a wine company that sits on Howell Mountain and joins more than 400 other wineries and vineyards in the area.

Today, the entrepreneur gave her more than 785,000 Instagram followers a peek into her newly built wine cellar. She’s surrounded by racks of wine stacked high to the ceiling, which would be any wine lover’s dream.

“When people ask me why I started a winery (in 2009)….. and the answer is simple….. I love to drink it,” Danica Patrick wrote on Instagram.

“People laugh, but love is a powerful force. @somniumwine @danicarosewine (Inside my new wine cellar!),” she added.

Patrick’s love for wine is well-known and she often posts about her vineyard and its products. Somnium’s flagship wine is an Estate Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon that retails for $185. Wine Spectator rated the wine 91 out of 100 upon its initial release in 2014.

Additionally, the brand also has a less pricey cabernet sauvignon ($75), a rosé ($38), and a sauvignon blanc ($55) available. Patrick says her love for wine-making is similar to her love of racing. It’s all in the art form of each for her.

“It’s the art of it,” Patrick explained in an interview with NASCAR.com. “Which is actually what I like about racing. I don’t necessarily care about driving the car, it’s the art of it. I love the art of wine; you don’t get the same bottle of wine from year to year ever. It’s a commodity there’s only so much of. There’s value in that.”

Danica Patrick Visits Great Pyramids in Egypt

Previous to coming home to a new, immaculate wine cellar, Danica Patrick traveled across the globe to Egypt. On Tuesday, the former race car driver shared multiple photos from her amazing journey, including her visit to view one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

You can see the triangular shape of the Great Pyramid of Giza in the background of her photo. In the foreground, the Great Sphinx of Giza looms over the vineyard owner as she stands beside its left paw. In addition, as if the photo wasn’t beautiful enough, Patrick and the ancient constructions are captured under a full moon.

“It was a long and amazing journey for 2 weeks and it ended yesterday morning with the great pyramid and the Sphinx….. during a full moon of course,” Patrick wrote. “Everything is right on time.”

“Will definitely share more amazing pics. Lots of wow! Lots of history. And SO many questions about how and who done it,” she added.