Danica Patrick Talks Fun of ‘Getting a Little Too Drunk’ as Owner of a Vineyard

by Quentin Blount

While many fans know her for her driving skills on the race track, former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick has many other talents.

The 38-year-old racer recently sat down for an interview with Coco Eco Magazine. During the sit-down, Patrick discusses following her dreams, focusing on her desired outcome, and achieving her goals.

As an example of positive thinking manifesting in her own life, Patrick is also the proud owner of a vineyard and organic, boutique, wine label that goes by the name Somnium (meaning dream in Latin). She says her love of wine stems back from her racing days in England. Owning her own winery seemed like a dream until she stumbled across the perfect property with premium soil and a beautiful view, all of which inspired its name.

“It was on a trip to Napa Valley in 2006 where I was going for a tasting at a really nice place. There was a big knoll in the middle of the property, and I’m standing there at 10 a.m. with wine going, ‘Wow. It’d be really cool to have something like this someday,'” the former NASCAR driver recalls.

“And that’s it. That was the beginning, and so when you think about manifesting, I look at how funny it is all these ideas I have, and thoughts become things. It’s through intention and energy that creates matter, and so I just thought, ‘Wow, how cool would it be to have something like this someday?’ And then boom! There it is. Two years later I saw the property that I ended up buying, and it was just a dream of mine that I was brave enough to allow to become a reality and believe it was possible.”

Danica Patrick Talks ‘Getting a Little Too Drunk’

Danica Patrick lights up when she speaks of her venture into the wine business. And, as with everything she undertakes in life, it is quite clear that she has put a lot of consideration and heart into it.

“I bought the property in 2009, started planting in ’11 and it’s just been this beautiful, fun process that at the core, at the heart of Somnium, is really a matter of wanting to help people connect because I think that there’s nothing more beautiful and more memorable than those nights when you’re sitting there with your friends and your family and you’re opening up wine,” she says.

Patrick says that she cherishes the time connecting with people on a human level. With how much time people tend to spend on their phones nowadays, she enjoys getting together, sharing stories, having fun, and “every now and again getting a little too drunk.”

“You’re having such a good time and you create the memories. Especially this day and age where our phones and technology tend to dominate where our eyes are and where our mind is,” Danica Patrick explains. “How beautiful is it to create that environment where we’re connecting on a human level? Experiencing each other and sharing stories and having fun, and you know every now and again getting a little too drunk?”