Danica Patrick’s Best Workout and Meditation Posts for the Former NASCAR Driver Turned Yogi

by Kayla Zadel

Danica Patrick might’ve stepped away from race car driving, but she still remains in the spotlight for her other endeavors. Some of these new hobbies include her “Pretty Intense” podcast and her vineyard, Somnium. The former NASCAR driver has always been dedicated to her fitness, but now she’s picked up yoga to incorporate in her work out routine.

Patrick often shares her yoga practices on social media, as well as her other ways of staying fit. We’re rounding up some of her best yoga posts, plus other ways Patrick maintains her petite and fit physique.

Danica Patrick’s Practices Yoga, Shares Poses On Social Media

Did you even do it if you don’t post it on Instagram? That’s how it usually goes when it comes to these things, but where credit’s due, credit’s given. Because some of these yoga poses take months to master.

This yoga pose, called the side crow, is a lot harder than it looks. It not only takes strength but balance. It seems like Patrick’s fit physique combines both as she practices the move and positivity, patience, self-love, listening, accountability…. those are a few things I am working on daily,” she writes in the caption.  

Patrick is also practicing mental health and connecting with Mother Nature. She explains in the post, “Many thanks that this connection to the earth created this beautiful, powerful, and safe space.”

Danica Gets Out in Nature

Speaking of becoming one with the Earth, this podcast host also spends a fair share of doing things outdoors. In this post, she combines her yoga practice with nature, again, but this time on the beach.

“So many beautiful things about being a human on Earth in this video….. ocean, beautiful sunset, animals, children, joy, laughter…. Earth is pretty great,” the caption reads.

In this post she’s riding bikes with friends. “Ride or die girls. We rode. And we didn’t die thanks to a young vegetarian grizzly bear,” Patrick captions the carousel of photos. There’s also a video of the group riding through the forest.

It always seems like Patrick knows how to relate life lessons to her activities. Take this post for example. She’s learning to wakeboard and finally seems like she’s got the hang of her new hobby.

“You’ll never forget the day you didn’t need a safety net anymore, and you figured out how to hold yourself up. Life is full of analogies. And I love analogies,” and Patrick is full of them too.

Patrick also shows off her more traditional workouts on Instagram. She peppers in cardio and circuit training to round out her physical activities.

[H/T: PopCulture.com]