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Daniel Ricciardo To Drive Dale Earnhardt’s 1984 Wrangler Chevrolet Monte Carlo

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Robert Alexander/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

It’s all settled. Daniel Ricciardo will get to drive the 1984 Wrangler Chevrolet Monte Carlo of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr.

For those who might be wondering at home, Daniel Ricciardo is an Italian-Australian driver who currently competes for McLaren in Formula One. He made his debut back at the 2011 British Grand Prix. And since then he’s won eight Grand Prix victories in Formula One. He won his first race as a driver for McLaren at the 2021 Italian Grand Prix and in doing so he also won a bet with his boss.

Ricciardo has long been a fan of Dale Earnhardt Sr, and his patented No. 3 car. So when he first joined up with McLaren at the start of the season, he accepted a bet from his boss Zak Brown. Brown gave him a model of Earnhardt’s 1984 Monte Carlo as a signing on bonus. Not only that, but he promised him that he could take the real car for a spin if he earned a top-three finish at any point in the year.

“I’m thinking your first podium you give the real thing a go,” Brown said at the time.

So, how exactly is Brown able to offer his driver the ability to take one of Earnhardt Sr.’s old Cup cars for a spin? Well, the answer to that is he actually owns the car as part of his private car collection.

“You saw that right. Dale Earnhardt Sr’s 1984 Wrangler Chevrolet Monte Carlo will be driven by @DanielRicciardo at @COTA next week.”

Meanwhile, racing fans on Twitter shared some of their initial thoughts after hearing the big news.

“The fact that this happened because of Danny Ric’s bet with Zak is incredible,” one fan said. “But the timing is even better.”

“Wrangler Chevrolet Monte Carlo,” another followed added. “These are all good words. I can’t wait to see this.”

Daniel Ricciardo Hopes Zak Brown Will Give Him Dale Earnhardt’s Car

It’s a stretch, but what’s wrong with having high hopes, Daniel Ricciardo? After finishing one-two with his McLauren teammate Lando Norris at Monza on Sunday, Ricciardo knew that his boss owed him a special gift. After all, this was the first win for McLaren since Jenson Button won in Brazil back in November of 2012. That was 3,213 days ago. It was also the team’s first one-two finish since 2010.

“I’m like, ‘maybe he gives me the car?'” Ricciardo said hopefully. “It was always ‘ a podium, I get to drive it.’ We never talked about a win.

The Australian driver seems to think that he has a good deal for his boss as well.

“I gave him my shoe that he drank out of, so maybe he gives me the car. It’s a good trade.”