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Darius Rucker Declares Dan Marino ‘Greatest Ever’ QB in Happy Birthday Message

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

On Wednesday morning, country star Darius Rucker made sure to shout out his favorite NFL player of all time on his birthday today.

Rucker is a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan who mostly grew up in the ’70s and ’80s. So it’s no surprise his favorite football player is legendary quarterback Dan Marino. However, his love for the team was born from a Super Bowl loss in 1972.

When Rucker was only five years old, he watched Super Bowl VI with his family. Everyone in his family were pulling for the Dallas Cowboys to beat the Miami Dolphins in the big game. The Cowboys ended up winning that year 24-3, but a young Darius Rucker made up his mind. He would go against the grain of his family and root for the Dolphins from then on.

“I became a big fan. The next year they went undefeated, and it was awesome,” Rucker shared in a short interview with the NFL in 2015. “All through the years, we’ve had such great players. And I’ve gotten to be friends with my favorite athlete of all time Dan Marino. It all came through my love for the Dolphins.”

The former Hootie & the Blowfish singer went on to add that he even has a Dolphins logo tattooed on his body. Now that’s dedication to your favorite team and player. In addition, he’s sung the national anthem at Miami’s games multiple times. He’s a true Dolphins fan through and through.

Therefore he couldn’t miss out on celebrating Dan the Man’s 60th birthday. Marino is more than just his favorite player, but a friend as well. Darius Rucker called Marino his “brother” in a Twitter post earlier today. The musician added that Dan is the greatest QB he ever watched play the game as well.

Darius Rucker Asks His Fans Who’s on Their ‘Mount Rushmore of Sports Teams’

It’s the second time in the last two days that country singer Darius Rucker mentioned his friend and NFL icon Dan Marino in a tweet. He asked the age-old sports question to his fans and followers of who’s on their “Mount Rushmore of sports teams?”

The debatable question based on personal opinion is often brought up in sports conversations. Frequently the topic comes up within each sport. Who is the best four players ever in the NBA? Who is the best four players to ever play in the NFL? And so on. Yet Rucker opened things up a bit more. He simply asked, who is everyone’s favorite four athletes from any sports team.

“And to all u guys. Who is on the Mt. Rushmore of your sports team,” Darius Rucker asked his fans on Twitter. “@NFL @ESPNNBA @MLB. All college sports. Not the whole league. Just your teams.”

Notice who Rucker named first in his Mount Rushmore list, no surprise there. He chose NFL quarterback Dan Marino, MLB shortstop Barry Larkin, Heisman Trophy-winning running back George Rogers, and NBA star Dirk Nowitzki.

Additionally, he had to give an honorable mention to golf icon Tiger Woods.

“Didn’t include @TigerWoods because I was thinking teams. But of course Tiger!!!” Rucker added to his list.