David Letterman Asking Questions At Nets Media Day Is Hilarious Proof He Should Be at Every Press Conference

by Courtney Blackann

You can’t count on David Letterman to be serious. You can count on the funny man to make you laugh, however. During a media day event, the late night talk show host thought he’d take a stab at some of the NBA’s most serious players. Despite Brooklyn Nets’ star Kevin Durant’s best efforts, Letterman gets him to crack.

Always the jokester, Letterman tells Durant he’s just gotten word that New York Knicks owner James Dolan is working on a deal to allow KD to play for the Knicks when the Nets aren’t playing.

A less-than-amused Durant tells Letterman, “Alright, Dave, that was the last one.” Off to the side, someone tells Letterman to wrap it up.

“I’m being told to wrap it up, uh, my time here is done. Have a great year,” Letterman says. Durant politely waves and prepares to leave.

The footage was posted on Twitter. Watch below.

However, in true Dave fashion, he sneaks in one more.

“Hey, how about the (New Orleans) Pelicans? When you guys play the Pelicans does it kind of make you giggle?”

At this, KD breaks. He has about a three-second chuckle before announcing, “Yeah.”

If David Letterman came to every media day, we have a feeling there would be a lot less drama. Maybe.

David Letterman’s Established Career

As the controversial comedian turned 74 this year, he showed no signs of slowing it down anytime soon.

His quick wit, sense of humor and overall charm helped propel him to stardom. But that’s not the only thing. Letterman studied TV and radio at Ball State. He was naturally drawn to the screen and appeared very confident. However, he may have been a bit too goofy to pursue serious journalism.

This is apparent by a time when, during a weather announcement, he congratulated a tropical storm for promoting to a hurricane. It’s such a Letterman thing to say.

The television host got his break after appearing on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. Carson saw a lot of potential in the performer. He booked him regularly as a guest host – which then paved the way for Letterman’s own legacy.

“I moved to Los Angeles from Indianapolis in 1975 and the reason I moved,” Letterman said. “Is because of Johnny Carson and “The Tonight Show.” And I’m not the only one.”

Letterman added:

“I would guess that maybe three generations of comedians,” he said. “Moved to be where Johnny was. Because if you thought you were funny, and you wanted to find out if you could hit major league pitching, you had to be on The Tonight Show.”

For more than 40 years, Letterman has appeared on our TV screens and in our family rooms. He’s interviewed dozens of political figures and superstars, carving his way deep into modern U.S. culture.