Daytona 500: FOX Shows NASCAR Rerun During Rain Delay, Confusing Fans

by Charles Craighill

During the rain delay at the Daytona 500 today, FOX Sports decided to air a rerun to keep viewers entertained. What they did not realize was that many NASCAR fans would mistake the rerun of the Busch Clash for the actual Daytona 500 race. All over Twitter, NASCAR fans were rattled by the sudden change in the race.

What caught most fans off guard was the change in track’s route. While the Daytona 500 runs the full length of the track, the Busch Clash takes a route through the infield with several extra turns. When fans watching live or tuning in late noticed the unfamiliar track, they went crazy on social media.

“Why did they reroute the track at the Daytona 500?” one fan implored on Twitter. Another fan asked, “why is the track weaving in and out of the infield?” Their confusion was warranted. Even another fan also found confusion with the “new” track orientation. “What are all these extra turns,” he asked. “And why is it only 35 laps?”

The answer is simple: it is not the same race. It isn’t even from the same day. The Busch Clash ran this past Tuesday with no fans in attendance. The race always happens the week leading up to the Daytona 500 and gives the top pole scorers a chance to show off their intense driving skills.

Other fans continued to watch the Busch Clash thinking it was the Daytona 500.

Some of them even needed Twitter to let them know otherwise. But, who can blame them. FOX sports made it difficult to keep track.

Fans in Attendance at the Daytona 500

Another confused fan asked for help from the Twittersphere as well. “Will someone explain to me why they have changed the track?” he asked NASCAR fans on Twitter. “I tuned in late. I know it rained but I don’t understand why they can’t use the entire track. Also, where did all of the fans go?”

This concerned fan also made an astute observation about the fans at the Daytona 500. Today, around 30,000 fans pack into the Daytona Raceway facility. This will likely end up as the highest attended single sporting event in the United States since the COVID 19 pandemic shut everything down back in April. This comes right off the heels of last Sunday’s Super Bowl that also happened in Florida. The Super Bowl hosted 25,000 fans in Tampa Bay’s Raymond James Stadium.