D.C. Attorney General Announces Another Lawsuit Against Washington Commanders

by Jonathan Howard
(Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

The hits don’t stop coming for the Washington Commanders as the D.C. Attorney General, Karl Racine, has filed another lawsuit. While the play on the field as of late has been better, the legal issues are just starting. This lawsuit stems from allegedly scamming NFL ticket holders out of money.

According to the complaint, the Washington Commanders put together a “decades-long unlawful scheme” that was devised in order to unlawfully take money from fans. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were taken in as security deposits for season tickets. Then that money was just funneled into the revenue for the organization to do with what they wanted.

This is after the attorney general filed a civil lawsuit against the Commanders. Owner Dan Snyder has been pressured to sell the team in recent months. These lawsuits definitely don’t help. The first lawsuit states that the NFL, Snyder, and Roger Goodell “colluded” to deceive residents of D.C. about the organization and the culture surrounding it.

So, between allegedly lying about the team’s culture and how well things are going on internally to taking funds from fans in an unlawful manner – things aren’t going well for the Commanders front office.

Racine was not light in his comments on Thursday, via CNN. “The Commander’s arrogance and blatant disregard for the law is a slap in the face to District residents who have supported the team for decades.”

The release last week was not good. Of course, none of this is good. Oh, and speaking of lawsuits, let’s not forget that FedEx Field and the Commanders are being sued by those folks who fell from the stands last season while trying to high-five Jalen Hurts.

Yeah, it doesn’t end.

While the Washington Commanders have seemingly figured out their issues on the field, at least for the most part, off the field things get worse. After the last few years of controversy and drama, this is the last thing folks want in D.C.

Will this be what forces the sale of the team? A lot of people would like to see that happen. Even Matthew McConaughey.