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Deion Sanders Donating Half of 2022 Salary For Jackson State Football Facility

by Patrick Norton
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Deion Sanders’ pure presence at Jackson State is a gamechanger for the HBCU and college football. In two seasons, Sanders owns the greatest winning percentage in school history. And while rumors populate on occasion to speculate the head coach’s next possible move, Prime Time appears focused and fully committed.

In a video posted to a Jackson State athletics Instagram page, Sanders engages in conversation about the practice facility. When told the project could finish with a donation equal to 25% of Sanders’ yearly salary, the 54-year-old offers quite the response. Instead of 25%, the head coach doubles the amount, totaling roughly $150,000.

Prime Time exclaims, “I’ll put more than that on it to get this done for these kids”. According to Sanders, the target date for the facility’s completion is August 4. The facility brings a recruiting boost, similar to Sanders’ surprising pull of the country’s No. 1 recruit, Travis Hunter.

Jackson State looks to repeat the success the school experienced in 2021, steamrolling the SWAC before losing in the Celebration Bowl. And with Deion Sanders returning to full health following extensive surgery to his leg, so does the coach’s jovial spirit.

Deion Sanders, Nick Saban Squash Beef for Aflac Advertisement

Following the Alabama coach’s controversial comments about Jackson State’s and Texas A&M’s recruiting process, it appears Sanders and Saban have left their differences in the past. Saban – disappointed with the appearance schools could essentially buy players thanks to NIL – had difficulty coming to terms with the new process of recruiting.

However, any lingering hostility has since disappeared. Sanders teased an upcoming advertisement with Saban for Aflac, marking the second commercial for the duo. In an Instagram post, the pair shares a laugh, both sporting ultra blue blazers. The caption insinuates the coaches (and Aflac duck) have put their previous spat to rest, resuming a cordial relationship.