Denny Hamlin Tells NASCAR Reporter to ‘Make Better Decisions’ After Bubba Wallace Documentary Comments

by Evan Reier

One of NASCAR’s biggest stars, Denny Hamlin, has some advice for those who argue with others on social media: just don’t.

In a tweet on Thursday, Hamlin addressed longtime NASCAR reporter and on-air Fox Sports analyst Bob Pockrass about his tweets. The reporter had received a mention about Bubba Wallace’s upcoming documentary.

It’s easy to get caught up in an argument that you forget to look at the other side, and that’s what Denny Hamlin thinks Pockrass did. After the user said the documentary was “pathetic,” Pockrass sounded off:

“Nothing pathetic about Netflix documentary on Bubba Wallace & 23XI Racing,” Pockrass wrote. “Wallace attracts interest from those who don’t regularly watch NASCAR. Maybe viewers become new fans & watch on TV or attend a race, which can increase interest not just in Wallace but all drivers/teams.”

This is where Denny Hamlin steps in. Whether it’s due to some beef or he just thinks someone of Pockrass’ stature should be better spending their time, the 40-year-old responds.

“Bob. You are replying to a account with 16 followers and no profile,” Hamlin writes. “Please make better decisions. Thanks.”

Whoof. While it’s not a response that specifically goes after Pockrass as a person, it definitely isn’t a positive look on his actions.

Denny Hamlin Wants to Win a Lot More Races

When he’s not addressing Twitter, Hamlin is often leading races. Granted, in 2021, that hasn’t translated to a handful of wins. He has a significant lead in the NASCAR Cup Series, with 434 points as of April 22, 83 ahead of Martin Truex Jr.

The NASCAR legend already has eight top-5 finishes. But Denny Hamlin has not crossed the finish line first at any point this year.

It’s nice to lead, but Hamlin wants more. He spoke on this in a recent interview, and has a specific number he wants to hit before retiring.

“It’s a big number, and I’m 16 wins away right now,” Hamlin said. “Hopefully, I can do that in the next three to four years.”

It’s a lofty goal, that’s for sure. But with the way he’s competing right now, there’s no question that it’s a possibility. Hamlin also expressed what he thinks the achievement would mean to him.

“If I can get to 60, it would be an amazing accomplishment, but I need to get to 50 first,” Hamlin said. “I’d be putting myself in the upper tier of all drivers who have ever done it.”