Denver Broncos Fans Boo Team After Raiders Block Field Goal Attempt

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Despite a quick start to the game, Denver Broncos fans are not happy with the team after the Raiders blocked a 25-yard field goal. Boos rained down on the NFL team. Neither one of these teams has had a good season. They are both on the bad side of .500 by more than a few games.

Even though the Denver Broncos offense put up points in the early part of the game, it wasn’t enough to keep the fans in the stands happy. Given the 3-6 record, there isn’t much that the team can do to change things around.

You know, I get it. Things have not gone the way that these Broncos fans expected this year. Rusell Wilson is not the same quarterback in 2022 that he was when he won a Super Bowl in Seattle. On the other hand, the QB has been good today, making the right decisions and eliminating mistakes early on.

It might be against a team with a 2-7 record, but this Denver team is doing its best. If they are able to get the rushing game going a little more, then it should turn the game around in their favor.

So, Outsiders, would you rather be the Raiders or Broncos right now? Neither team seems to have a direction right now besides a clear path to the NFL Draft.

In a game like this, there are few things to appreciate. However, we can at least appreciate the great look that the Denver Broncos brought those great throwback helmets to the field for Week 11.

Denver Broncos Throwback Helmet Highlight of Week 11

Whatever happens in this game, at least the helmets on the Broncos are going to look good. Denver has one of the best throwback logos in the NFL and they still occasionally display it. About once or twice a year you can catch the old Bronco bucking inside the “D” out on the field.

Maybe it is the product on the field, the stagnant offense at times, the porous defense – but there are teams that can at least lean on their throwback uniforms. his week, a lot of teams are rocking alternative and throwback schemes.

The real question is – does Russell Wilson feel dangerous in these Denver Broncos’ helmets?