Denver Broncos QB Russell Wilson Roasted Online for His Pregame Outfit

by Suzanne Halliburton

New Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson picked out a special outfit to wear for his Monday Night Football arrival at his old stadium.

After all, you need to look stylin’ as you stroll nonchalantly into Lumen Field. To give off the perfect vibe, Russell Wilson, one of the NFL’s brightest stars, picked out an icy mint green suit, complete with a white shirt and black bow tie. He also was wearing a pair of shades and some headphones to complete his pre-game ensemble. Then like the football fashionista he is, Wilson shared a video of his outfit with his 5.6 million followers. He captioned it all “Game Time.”

And, he was so proud of his outfit, Wilson even posted some individual snaps to capture the shininess of his suit. Check it out.

But what did the internet think of the Russell Wilson suit? Is he on the best-dressed quarterback list for week one? Thumbs up? Or thumbs down? Let’s just say it probably depends on whether you’re backing the Seahawks or Broncos.

Some folks pondered whether Russell Wilson was going for high school teen goes to prom look. It was a decided theme of criticism. One NFL fan wrote: “walking into prom knowing full well you can’t bring alcohol toting a pint in the waist band.” Another wrote: “More like Senior Prom in that poor wardrobe choice.”

Another referred to him as “Ciara’s Barbie.” (Russell Wilson is married to Ciara. They make a striking couple.)

One fan described Wilson’s look as “Otis from the Temptations.” Others discussed the color of Wilson’s suit. “Hey that suit is the same color a Daiquiri Ice from Baskin and Robbins.” (Or, sticking with the ice cream theme, it’s the same color as mint chocolate chip, only with more shine.”

Plus, Kansas City Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes sported a similar pre-game look Sunday afternoon. However, Mahomes went with a three-piece, with a classic tie.

So, who wore it best — Mahomes or Wilson?

But there were those who applauded the Russell Wilson icy look. After all, he’s got an entirely new fan base. The Broncos love a winner.

“Looking good feeling good gonna play good tonight and get a Win,” wrote one of those fans. And there were lots of “Let’s Ride” comments.

Like we said, Russell Wilson is a former Seahawk. He played for his old team for a decade, with all those passionate fans celebrating his every move and wardrobe choice. Then Seattle traded Wilson. And that came in March. In exchange for Wilson and a fourth-round pick, the Broncos sent the Seahawks Drew Lock, tight end Noah Fant and defensive lineman Shelby Harris. But the Broncos weren’t finished. Seattle also received two first-round picks, two second-round picks and a fifth-rounder.

The Broncos-Seahawks game is the Monday Night Football offering to complete the NFL’s opening weekend. All the pressure likely is on Wilson as he faces off against Geno Smith, his one-time backup.

So as they say, if you look good, you play good (or well).