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Denver Broncos’ Vic Fangio Explains Issues with QBs After COVID-19 Violations, Fans React

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

Denver Broncos’ head coach, Vic Fangio, spoke after the New Orleans Saints game on Sunday (Nov. 29). Fangio talked about how he felt dealing with the quarterback system he was left with.

At the end of the week, the NFL informed the Broncos that none of their quarterbacks were eligible to play on Sunday. This was due to one quarterback testing positive for Covid-19. Following that positive test, the Broncos held a quarterback meeting where none of the quarterbacks wore masks.

So, per the NFL policy, all of those quarterbacks were placed on the Covid-19 protocol list and consequently ineligible to play.

After the thrashing from the Saints, Fangio gave his thoughts on his quarterbacks breaking the protocol.

During Fangio’s post-game statements, he talks about how sad he is about the disrespect from the quarterbacks. “I was disappointed on several levels, that our QBs put us in that position, that our QBs put the league in that position.”

Undoubtedly upset by the idiotic moves from Fangio’s quarterbacks, the Broncos never really stood a chance. The Broncos passing attack was essentially non-existent during the game.

Vic Fangio Started a Wide Receiver at QB

However, the Broncos and Fangio did all they could to postpone the game. But, the NFL declined all of their attempts. Stating that the Broncos did not actually have an outbreak currently happening, they wouldn’t move the game.

Fangio even tried to get the NFL to allow them to suit up an offensive coach at quarterback to play the game. But again, the NFL declined the opportunity.

Fangio and the Broncos lost 31-3 to the Saints. In a game that will go down in history, Fangio’s substitute quarterback had one completion on nine attempts for 13 yards.

Kendall Hinton, the quarterback, also threw two interceptions in the loss. Fangio signed Hinton to the practice squad on November 4. Most importantly though, Hinton gave it his all on incredibly short notice.

Twitter got to work dissecting the performance of Hinton after the game. Most NFL fans supported Hinton even after the blow-out loss.

However, some fans didn’t feel quite the same way. Some fans even suggested that John Elway, who has already had Covid-19 step in to play call for the Broncos.

The Broncos certainly could have used Elway today at quarterback.

Perhaps Fangio will sign the wide receiver turned quarterback to the team for next week.