Derwin James Body Slam During TNF Chiefs vs. Chargers Game Has the Internet Losing It

by Jonathan Howard

Last night’s NFL Thursday Night Football game was a good one. Some folks had issues with the Amazon service, but we all saw Derwin James do what he did. Anyone who can pick up a dude like Travis Kelce and throw him down like James did is someone you don’t want to mess with.

This game was back and forth. The Chargers took an early 10-0 lead and then it was the Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce show for a bit. Facing a charge down the field from the Chiefs offense with a 17-14 score in favor of L.A., Derwin James and his defense came up big.

Derwin James – Future WWE Superstar?

Kelce was coming downfield with a full head of steam. That’s 6’5″ and 250 pounds of a man moving full speed and ready to get to the endzone. However, it was James that made a big play. Watch as he stops the charging Kelce in his tracks, lifts him up, and then gives him the Goldberg treatment.

The talented tight end had shaken multiple defenders on his reception and run after. It was looking like another TD for Kelce. However, the small, 6’2″ and 218lb safety found the leverage and made a play. At this point in the game, the momentum shifted against the Chargers, though. Kansas City would soon tie this game up and then take the lead.

Justin Herbert Got Hurt

If you are a Chargers fan or just a fan of QB Justin Herbert you were probably wincing with the rest of the people on social media. The skilled young passer took multiple big hits in the game. One in particular that drove him into the ground caused Herbert to leave the game for a play. Those watching were sure that he had broken his ribs in the process. He has been listed as having suffered a “rib injury.”

Despite the pain and the issues it caused, Herbert had some inspiring play on offense to balance out what Derwin James was doing on defense. It seems as though the game was just a few minutes too short for the Chargers to complete the comeback. I’ll tell you one thing, the Chargers faithful are going to be ready to run through the gates of Hell for this quarterback after last night.

Good game, some tough plays. Jeff Bezos was in the house. Chiefs win 27-24.