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Derwin James Gets Ejected After Brutal Hit on Colts WR Ashton Dulin, NFL World Sounds Off

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images)

Los Angeles Chargers (8-6) safety Derwin James was ejected during the second quarter of the “Monday Night Football” matchup against the Indianapolis Colts (4-9-1).

Officials tossed James from the game after a brutal hit to the head of Colts receiver Ashton Dulin. Dulin stayed down on the field for a few moments before being taken directly into the medical tent. The Colts later diagnosed Dulin with a concussion and ruled him out for the remainder of the game.

James, 26, was making his return after a two-week absence due to a quad injury.

“I’m feeling amazing, I’m feeling better,” James said this week, per ESPN. “I took some time to get it healed and just feeling better, a lot more confidence on it.”

Many have chimed in on the severity of the hit, including neuroscientist Chris Nowinski.

“Rare to have both players suffer a #concussion on the same hit, but it appears Derwin James & Ashton Dulin both suffered traumatic brain injuries here,” Nowinski tweeted. “James ejected. No word yet on how the brain injuries will impact their families in 20 years.”

Derwin James Ejected for Hit the NFL is Looking to Eliminate

Others have pointed out the rarity of seeing a hit like this in the current NFL, whereas 10-20 years ago, they were commonplace.

“The fact that the Derwin James hit shook so many of us shows how far we have come, because those hits were rather commonplace until maybe ten years ago,” Steve Wyche of NFL Network wrote on Twitter.

Some NFL fans saw it completely different, however.

“That hit by Derwin James was IMHO within reason,” one NFL Fan tweeted. “I don’t know what you want these defensive players to do anymore, but if you want the players to play “FlagFootball” then at least have the stones to say so.”