DeSean Jackson Set to Make Season Debut on Monday Night Football, NFL World Sounds Off

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Tonight on Monday Night Football, the Baltimore Ravens have a little extra help as DeSean Jackson returns to the 53-man NFL roster. The Ravens had Jackson on the practice squad and with some key injuries, Jackson finds himself in the lineup and ready to play on Monday.

Online, fans are a little excited to see DeSean Jackson on prime time again. He had off-the-field issues that ultimately led to him parting ways with the Philadelphia Eagles years ago. It’s been a struggle to get back in the league. One thing viewers are excited to see is how he works with Lamar Jackson.

If he is able to tap into some of that former talent and magic that he had in the 2010s with the Eagles, then the Ravens might have a great addition to the receiving unit.

Fans Excited to See DeSean Jackson in Action

There really is a lot of belief online that DeSean Jackson is going to be on one tonight. It would be fitting to have a coming out party on Monday Night Football. The Saints have some injuries on their squad as well and the Ravens will try to exploit that.

“Very first play I’m throwing a bomb,” fan said about what they would do as the coach of the Ravens. “Telling Lamar to throw it as far as he can & DeSean to go get it. Incomplete or not, let them know it’s possible.”

While that might work in a Big 12 shootout, I’m not sure Balimore is going to open the game with a big bomb of a throw. Still, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to see it.

“Highkey excited for DeSean Jackson’s debut, that’s how tough it is out here for Ravens WR core,” another tweeter said. If the talent is out there, might as well use it. The Ravens will try to get Jackson going if at all possible.

There were a lot of fans even making predictions about what Jackson’s output would be tonight.

“DeSean Jackson 150 yards and a TD tonight. Book it,” a confident fan said. That’s quite a prediction.

What do you think, Outsiders? Is DeSean Jackson going to change the game tonight in favor of the Ravens? He’s done it before, but does he still have it? Tune in tonight and find out.