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Deshaun Watson Deletes All Houston Texans References from Social Media, Sends NFL Fans into Frenzy

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

National Football League superstar quarterback Deshaun Watson is creating a stir with his recent social media actions.

Watson is the franchise quarterback for the Houston Texans, but for how much longer is the question. He has made it clear to team executives that he isn’t a fan of how the franchise is operating. Watson is specifically upset that his input on hiring a new head coach for the team was reportedly ignored.

After parting ways with Bill O’Brien during the season, the Texans hired Baltimore Ravens wide receiver David Culley as head coach. It will be Culley’s first time serving as a head coach at any level.

Deshaun Watson reportedly preferred other candidates on the head coaching market and is not happy that he was not more involved. He has now made it crystal clear that he desires to no longer be a member of the Houston Texans.

With rumors of his dismay hovering above the team, Watson asked the Texans to trade him to another team this offseason. The Texans continue to say they have no intentions of trading their best player.

The star quarterback took things a step further recently by taking actions on his social media pages.

“A day after the #Texans announce they have no interest in trading Deshaun Watson, he removes the the team name from his social media. removed everything Texans-related from his social media profiles,” the tweet says. A quick glance at Watson’s Twitter and Instagram accounts confirms he has indeed rid the pages of all things Houston Texans.

In this day and age where social media is a primary source of communication, the removal of materials gets attention. The news of Watson’s actions has certainly put NFL fans into an uproar. While Texans fans plead with their star quarterback to stay, fans of other teams are fantasizing about seeing him in their colors.

“He’s leaving Houston for sure now,” on social media user says of the prevailing thought.

“Watson to the San Francisco 49ers for sure now,” a 49ers fan says while salivating at the thought.

Many NFL fans took the opportunity to photoshop the quarterback in different team uniforms. Less than an hour since the news going live, Watson can be seen in a New York Jets, New Orleans Saints and 49ers jersey.

Texans fans are holding out hope that Deshaun Watson will have a change of heart, though it now seems unlikely.

“It’s going to be hard to get him out a Houston,” a Texans fan quips. “This is going to be an interesting offseason.”

Another Houston fan expresses frustration that his team’s star player wants out of town.

“Seen this as well. At this point — bye Deshaun,” the fan says. “You want to quit on us after we literally went and protest for you?”

The NFL’s new league year begins on March 17, meaning trades and free-agent signings become official. We should have a resolution to the Deshaun Watson situation around that time.