Deshaun Watson Spotted at Rockets-Lakers Game Amid Trade Rumors

by Atlanta Northcutt

It’s no question the Houston Texans and their quarterback Deshaun Watson are butting heads and horns. Watson being spotted for the first time since taking a vacation after the season ended is garnering much attention as everyone wonders what’s to come for the player.

Upon seeing the Texans’ star quarterback Tuesday night at the Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers game, questions are more prominent. Watson sat court-side to see LeBron James and James Harden battle it out.

Deshaun Watson is Spotted For the First Time in Houston

This is the first time sighting of Deshaun Watson since the NFL season ended. He hasn’t spoken a word. That fact brings up more rumors and questions on whether Watson continues playing for Houston or seeks to trade to a different team.

The headbutting against his team comes after the Texans’ organization hired Nick Caserio as general manager without consulting Watson.

Watson and the Houston Texans Butt Heads

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Watson is extremely upset and disappointed by the decision.

In a report for ESPN, Chris Mortenson confirmed Watson’s agitation. He even said a trade could come from the bad blood now surging against the quarterback and the Texans.

“Reports that Deshaun Watson is unhappy with the Texans are accurate,” Mortenson states.

“After the team hired Nick Caserio as GM, it did not interview Chiefs (offensive coordinator) Eric Bieniemy as a head coach candidate, sources have confirmed,” adds Mortenson. “Watson has a new $156 million (contract), but … the franchise’s insensitivity on social injustice causes have been reinforced. A source close to the quarterback says he very well could push for a trade.”

Is a Future Trade Possible for the Texans QB?

Several rumors of where Watson could land include the Miami Dolphins. He would be trading places with Tua Tagovailoa to Houston.

In a follow-up report, ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter offers some additional credence to the idea that a Watson-to-Miami deal is feasible.

“Tua for Watson? We’ll have some things to talk about here in the coming weeks,” Schefter said.

“And the other option at Watson’s disposal in the opinion of people around the league would be this — withholding his services from the Houston Texans. That’s how angry he’s said to be. And again, it’s only January. It’s just starting,” Schefter continued.

“Perhaps they can calm him down and talk to him. But that is also an option that the Texans would not want to see, where Deshaun Watson would wind up withholding his services, threatening to retire, or at least not go to Houston. But this is an issue that’s not going away.”

Grabbing the Bull By the Horns, Making a Final Decision

Will Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans’ organization be able to work things out?

Will Watson accept a trade or refuse to play for the Texans?

Both answers to these questions are unknown, but at this point no announcement from either party has been made.

One thing is for certain. Either the Houston Texans’ organization or Deshaun Watson will have to take the bull by the horns and decide what the upcoming season will bring.