Detroit Lions DE Says Matt Patricia ‘Obviously’ Deserves a Second Shot at Being NFL Head Coach

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Detroit Lions defensive end Trey Flowers believes in second chances. He says recently fired Head Coach Matt Patricia deserves another shot at being the franchise’s head honcho.

The Detroit Lions let Patricia go at the end of November after three years with the team. Now, Flowers believes the team should resurrect Patricia’s contract and bring the coach back. It’s the “obvious” choice.

“Now, I’m not an owner, GM, so I can’t say that he would get one or not,” Flowers told Detroit Free Press. “But as far as deserving it, yeah, he’s a great coach, great guy. Very successful as far as in his ways, so I guess we’ll have to see, just like everybody else.”

Matt Patricia Spent Three Years with the Lions

But there’s not much love lost among Flowers’ teammates. Current and former players actively celebrated the coach’s firing. Patricia was brought in to bring the Lions a winning season and a shot at the Super Bowl. But his methods clashed with the franchise’s culture, winning him no fans. His current record with the team is 13-29-1 over three seasons as the head coach.

“His way, he won and was successful with his way,” Flowers said. “So if he feels as though his way can work, should work, and he wanted to continue to demonstrate things his way, then he would do that. And he’s been very successful doing things his way, so whether he would change it up or not, I’m not sure. That’s up to him, but he was successful.”

Before he joined the Lions, Patricia was a renowned defensive coordinator and assistant coach for the New England Patriots. He helped that team to three Super Bowl championship wins. But in the lead position at Detroit, Patricia failed to capture the same magic or even redefine the team’s defense. The Lions defense consistently ranked low under Patricia’s reign.

The lack of key wins is ultimately what led the Lions to give Patricia the boot. Darrell Bevell is currently the team’s interim coach this season.

“If you don’t win. then things are subject to changes, things are subject to happen,” Flowers said. “That’s with anybody, with any job. Even as a player, if you’re not producing as a player, then you’re going to get cut. Y’all guys are reporters, if you’re not reporting well, then you probably won’t have a job. So that’s just business. Many people have opinions, many people have different viewpoints, but when it all comes down to it, that’s the business of it.”