WATCH: Detroit Lions Fan Turns Ford Field Into Personal Barbershop During Game

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Someone tell the Detroit Lions to move over, there’s a new “mane” event inside the walls of Ford Field. One NFL fan has seen enough from his favorite team and decided to turn the stadium into his own personal barbershop. Seriously.

During Detroit’s Week 8 home game against the Miami Dolphins, one fan decided to get a touch-up while in attendance. He didn’t venture out to the rotunda or another designated area within the stadium for the haircut, either. Just right there … in his seat.

While it definitely provides a funny moment for social media — and non-Lions fans — those in attendance were probably irritated. First, he and his presumed barber stood up mid-contest, blocking the view of several fans. To make matters worse, those sitting around him probably had to deal with loose hairs.

Talk about a hairy situation, right?

Perhaps the most troubling part, though, is that Lions fans are so bored with this team that they’re willing to schedule a haircut mid-game. Inside the stadium.

While Detroit kept Sunday’s game close, the fans blocked by the barbershop appointment didn’t miss much — other than another Lions loss. Miami defeated Detroit 31-27, dropping the Lions to a lousy 1-6 on the year.

Detroit Lions Becoming Known for Non-Football Things

A fan getting a hair trim during a Detroit Lions home game is just the latest example of the team getting recognized for non-football things. In fact, it seems that’s the only way the organization really stays in the news.

Last week, an official for the Lions’ game against the Dallas Cowboys stole the show after taking a football to the head. He was struck with the ball while trying to make a penalty call during the game.

In Dallas’ 24-6 victory, it was just about the only talking point from the game.

The ball didn’t strike the official at a high rate of speed and no injuries were sustained. But it did provide a funny moment during an otherwise boring contest.

Are you sensing a theme with the Lions this year?