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Detroit Lions HC Accidentally Spoils Daughters’ Marriage Proposals in Press Conference Slip-Up

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Darrell Bevell was recently named as the interim head coach of the Detroit Lions. While speaking with reporters recently, he accidentally let a family secret slip out.

The Lions fired coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn last weekend following a tough loss to the Houston Texans on Thanksgiving. The final score was 41-25. The team promoted Bevell as the team’s interim coach.

Bevell was previously the team’s offensive coordinator. He will now be tasked with leading the team in its last five games of the regular season.

“I’m super excited,”Bevell said on Monday, via The Detroit News. “I’m kind of jacked up for this opportunity.”

However, while telling the Detroit media about how he learned of his promotion, Bevell may have ruined a pair of family surprises in the process. Bevell says he was out with his family this weekend when he got the news from Lions president Rob Wood and owner Sheila Ford Hamp about his new interim duties.

“On Saturday, I was with my family — my wife, my three daughters and then my two, I guess, future son-in-laws now. They both wanted to talk to me this past weekend,” Bevell said. “But we were at the Henry Ford Museum, and we were having a good time there. I got a text, and ended up calling and talking to Rod and Sheila. It’s kind of been a whirlwind.”

Detroit Lions’ Darrell Bevell’s Future Son-In-Laws

Evidently, two of his daughters’ boyfriends were wanting to ask Bevell’s permission to pop the question this weekend. In fact, one of the soon-to-be sons-in-law actually did ask Bevell if he could pop the question and did so in a hilarious fashion. Bevell, whose daughter plays softball for Brigham Young University, says they were getting in some batting practice when the boyfriend got hit in the face with a ball.

He was getting stitches in the emergency room when he asked if it’d be OK to marry the Lions coach’s daughter.

While it’s no doubt an exciting time for the family, that isn’t exactly news a father-in-law is really supposed to share with anyone. Especially not a group of beat reporters on a Zoom call.

As of Monday, Bevell says that neither boyfriend has actually proposed to his daughters yet.