Detroit Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell Expresses Confidence in Quarterback Jared Goff, Says QB in ‘Real Good Place’

by Patrick Norton

The Detroit Lions live in misery. Without a NFC North title in the division’s 20 year history, the projection for the future of the NFL franchise isn’t much better. Sending long-time quarterback Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams for two first-round picks and Jared Goff shouldn’t sting for the desolate wasteland organization.

However, Los Angeles won a Super Bowl with Stafford in his first season with the team. It further highlights the ineptitude of the Lions, unable to win a single playoff game with the quarterback. The franchise suffered from more 10-loss seasons than years with double-digit victories. It’s a sad state on football in a state where residents adore the game of football.

Meanwhile, Goff’s 2021 with Detroit brought moderate personal statistical success. In 14 games, the 27-year-old tossed 19 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions. His interception rate dipped from 2.4% in his final season in California to 1.6%. But Detroit’s organizational structure wasn’t enough to compete.

Interviewed by Peter King for Football Morning in America, Goff’s head coach Dan Campbell is talking up his projected starting quarterback. Campbell says, “Finished strong last year. I like the fact that we’ve got pieces around him that I think are going to help pull the most out of him. We’ve got some pieces here that complement each other that really will help him be the best that he can be.”

But that doesn’t mean Goff is only as good as the team around him. Campbell finishes, “Listen, he’s an accurate quarterback. That’s what he does well. He can throw the football and he can put it right on the money

Goff’s Success is a Win for Franchise Hellbent on Rising From Gutter

As a new era dawns in Detroit, incremental success still counts as success. Even sporting a 3-13-1 record in 2021, the team and first-year head coach Dan Campbell took leaps in competitive effort. Last season proved the capability in reversing the lost years of Matt Patricia’s failed reign.

Set to appear on HBO’s Hard Knocks in 2022, the Lions yearn for competency. While Campbell boasts a hard-nosed, football guy mentality, his staff includes forward thinkers in analytics. But the decision maker still uses his gut feelings. It’s a perfect storm for building a tough, heavy-hitting ball club. However, it’s still the Lions. And Jared Goff – regardless of what Campbell says – is still Jared Goff.