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Detroit Lions’ Matthew Stafford in ‘Unbelievable’ Pain After Injury: Report

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Rey Del Rio/ Getty Images)

Yesterday, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford took a hit from the Packer defense that left him in ‘unbelievable’ pain.

According to NFL insider Ian Rapoport, Matthew Stafford isn’t completely ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Titans, but he is doubtful.

While making a dash for the end zone, Stafford takes a big hit from Green Bay’s defense. He suffered a rib injury. While Rapoport says that tests have not given a definitive diagnosis, he is definitely hurting right now.

“You’re seeing right there where he kinda got crunched from all angles—dealing with a rib injury. Extremely painful. From what I can tell, he was in a ton of pain last night and today as well. So he hasn’t been ruled out. That is good. However, he is described as having an outside chance of being able to play on Sunday.”

Detroit Lions Backup Chase Daniel

Chase Daniel is a 34-year-old backup that would play as Matthew Stafford’s replacement. After playing at the University of Missouri, he remained undrafted and signed as a free agent with the Redskins. Since 2009, he has bounced from team to team but has never been a starting quarterback outside of injury.

“So a very real possibility we could see Chase Daniel in as the starter. One of the better backups in the NFL—always ready, also extremely rich because of how much money he has made as the backup quarterback for this very situation. The Lions have a ton of confidence in him, so it’s not definite that Stafford is going to miss the game, but it’s not looking great for this week for the Lions.”

Lions head coach Darrell Bevell commented after the game about Matthew Stafford’s x-rays, saying it’s still too early to determine how significant the injury was. However, Bevell has confidence in his quarterback.

Matthew Stafford is as tough as they come. He’s a huge competitor. I know he’s going to want to be out there with his team, so it’s going to have to be pretty drastic for him not to be in there.”

The Detroit Lions lost to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday 31 to 24. This adds to the Lions’ losing record, making it now 5 and 8. Next week, the Lions will take on the Tennessee Titans, who sit at 9 and 4 on the season.