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DeVante Parker Blasts NFL Concussion Spotters After MNF Incident

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

During last night’s edition of Monday Night Football, DeVante Parker had to be helped off the field by his own teammate, and he’s not happy about it. There has been an increased focus on concussions and head injuries this season. Parker felt failed by the NFL concussion spotters.

If a player has trouble standing or shows any sign of motor impairment on the field, the spotters are supposed to notice that and do something immediately. DeVante Parker got a first down on a solid play. But he also took a mean hit and got up wobbly.

That’s when Patriots teammate Nelson Agholor looked over and noticed Parker. He saw that his teammate was hurt and needed attention. The Patriots had lined up for another play and it took some convincing to get the action to stop.

On Instagram, DeVante Parker commented on the situation.

“Get on yalls f—kin job [NFL]. Thankful my brother was aware of the situation,” Parker said on his IG story, via NY Post.

Agholor did everything in his power to get the officials to stop the game. He took a knee, waved his hands around, and even Troy Aikman saw it from the booth. However, the only thing that stopped the next play from going on without stoppage was a challenge from Arizona.

DeVante Parker Latest NFL Concussion Injury

While the DeVante Parker story ended with him getting the help he needed, it is worrying. The NFL has had increased scrutiny around these types of injuries and yet this almost went unnoticed. If Agholor didn’t have a good head on his shoulders then Parker would have played that next snap and something bad really could have happened.

Parker left the game and did not return. The Patriots went on to win the game without his help. The Arizona Cardinals did not provide much of an offensive effort. Mac Jones was able to do just enough to get his team a two-touchdown lead. So, Parker’s injury did matter a whole lot as far as that is concerned.

Clearly, it still mattered to the receiver himself. When DeVante Parker does get back on the field, the Pats will be glad to have him back and healthy.