Devin Haney Fires off About Jake Paul Fighting Female Champion Amanda Nunes: ‘It’s Not Fair’

by Kayla Zadel

It seems like Jake Paul is ready to fight anybody, including UFC champ Amanda Nunes. However, not everyone is agreeing with this idea.

World Boxing Council Lightweight Champion Devin Haney isn’t really feeling the fight between Paul and Nunes.

“I don’t think he should fight a girl,” Haney tells TMZ. “I think he’s still a man. He gotta fight a man.”

Nunes also referred to as The Lioness, is pretty well accomplished in her own right. She’s currently the reigning bantamweight and featherweight UFC champion and perhaps one of the greatest fighters in the organization’s history. Whereas Paul only has two “pro” fights under his belt and these bouts were against inexperienced opponents.

However, Haney still isn’t ok with the thought of the matchup.

“No, it’s not fair. Girls should fight girls. Guys should fight guys,” he states.

The WBC Lightweight champ does praise Jake Paul’s training, though. Haney knows about his work ethic because he’s actually trained with the social media star. Haney knows that Paul is taking the sport seriously, but he’s just not ready for a battle of the sexes.

“That’s my boy, so I like that he’s doing good … I’ve been in the gym with him. He’s showing that he’s dedicated to the sport,” Haney comments.

Jake Paul Taunts UFC President, Conor McGregor

This all started after Jake Paul fought in a celebrity exhibition match at the end of this November. The social media star has since set his sights on more namely opponents like Conor McGregor.

However, McGregor isn’t falling for any of Paul’s antics, even after the new boxer offered the UFC figures $50 million to fight. Paul even took a jab at UFC President Dana White.

White had enough of the talk and simply said, “I’m thinking of letting Amanda Nunes knock his ass out.”

Nunes heard her name being thrown into the mix and she replied with two simple words, “I’m in!”

Only time will tell if White agrees to the fight between Paul and McGregor, or if one will actually be organized between the Youtube star and Nunes.

Jake Paul is slated to box former UFC star Michael Bisping in the meantime.