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Dick Vitale Clear to ‘Ring the Bell’ After Receiving ‘Great News’ About His Cancer Treatments

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

We’ve kept you updated on Dick Vitale and his journey battling cancer. Well, he got to “ring the bell” after his latest bloodwork came in. It’s been tough to see such an icon like Dickie V go through something like this lymphoma diagnosis. Instead of watching Diaper Dandies from the sideline for ESPN, he was working on fighting for his health. Thankfully, he has been getting good news.

Vitale loves to interact with fans on social media and give them updates on what is going on with him. He posted his latest update Thursday afternoon saying that his doctor had given him “great news”. Check out the tweet below.

My favorite thing is reading this tweet in Vitale’s voice. While we haven’t been able to hear his voice for some time due to the treatments, his big and boisterous personality comes across through text just fine. Especially for those that have grown up listening to him call games over the years. Some folks can’t stand him, others adore him, but no one can take away what he means for the sport of college basketball.

It hasn’t been easy. Dick Vitale has battled cancer twice in the last year. Back in 2021, he was diagnosed with melanoma. He fought back against it and was able to be cancer-free in August of last year. However, it was just two months later that the Hall of Fame sportscaster revealed his lymphoma diagnosis. It would take him off the sidelines for most of the NCAA season.

At the time, Vitale said, “I plan on fighting with all my heart to win this battle. Please know I appreciate so much that you [fans] care.” Fight he did, and now he can ring that bell and celebrate another hard-fought battle, won.

College Basketball Embraced Dick Vitale During Cancer Battle

Some folks will remember that it was March 8 when Dick Vitale announced he was cancer-free based on his latest scan. While that can be good news for anyone going through cancer, sometimes it takes more to know if it has actually gone away. Vitale did use that time to get out and see some college basketball at the perfect time of the year.

For those that don’t know, Vitale resides in Tampa Bay for the most part nowadays. Of course, March is the time when basketball goes into madness. Vitale’s favorite time of the year. While he couldn’t yell about the PTPers, the Basketball Bennies, or anything like that, he watched some basketball. The sportscaster made his way down to the SEC Tournament and was showered with cheers and applause as he was announced.

Of course, Dick Vitale has done so much by fundraising for cancer research, advocating for charities, and being a great human being overall. It is so good that we can say that Dickie V is CANCER-FREE BAY-BEE!