Dick’s Sporting Goods Stocks Up on Folding Tables Ahead of Buffalo Bills AFC Championship

by Charles Craighill

The only thing scarier than the Buffalo Bills this postseason is their fan base, or “Bills Mafia” as they call themselves. The loyal and dedicated fans have grown a reputation around the league for their wild tailgates. From barbecue grills to excessive drinking to people on fire, Bills Mafia takes their job as fans seriously.

One specific antic that the Bills Mafia has grown accustomed to is jumping through folding tables. While the origin of this tried and true tradition remains unclear, every store knows it must stock up on folding tables anytime the Buffalo Bills come to town. In fact, according to PopCulture, Dick’s Sporting Goods has jumped ahead of the curve preparing for this week’s matchup between the Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Kansas City Dick’s Sporting Goods knows what it needs to do to attract Bills fans. While Arrowhead Stadium will only allow 17,000 fans this weekend, nothing can stop Bills Mafia from tailgating. And if there is tailgating, you better believe there is going to be folding tables to jump through.

Over the past few years, Buffalo Bills fans have become extremely creative with the way they jump through their tables. At the tailgates, we have seen some crazy stunts with the tables. Some have lit the tables on fire just before jumping through them. Some climb high on top of vehicles to get the most satisfying break. Hell, some even dress up like the opposing team’s mascot and get tackled through the table. At home, Bills Mafia initiates their children into the crazed fandom by throwing their infants through infant-sized tables. There are no limits to Bills Mafia’s creativity.

Can the Buffalo Bills Come Through For Bills Mafia?

It had been almost a quarter of a century since the last time the Buffalo Bills won a playoff game… that is before this year. Honestly, this year is the first year Bills Mafia has had anything to cheer about since they’ve been around. Sure, the Bills had fans back in the ’90s and before, but Bills Mafia is a different breed of fan.

Whether or not they have anything to cheer about, Bills Mafia will jump through their tables. However, this year, they might have a real reason to celebrate. For the first time since the New England Patriots drafted Tom Brady, the Buffalo Bills have won the AFC East. Now, they’ve won two playoff games against solid teams. The only thing standing between them and a trip to the Super Bowl is the Kansas City Chiefs.

Now, the Kansas City Chiefs are not who you want to see in between you and a Super Bowl, but if anyone can take them down, the Buffalo Bills can. Behind NFL MVP candidate Josh Allen, the Bills have been a nearly unstoppable force. After picking up Stefon Diggs as a weapon for Allen to throw to, very few defenses have found an answer to their attack. This year, Kansas City’s defense has not been that strong overall, sitting around the middle of the pack. With Patrick Mahomes questionable for this weekend, anything could happen.

Bills Mafia, stock up on your folding tables this weekend because this just might be your year.