Did the Washington Football Team’s New Name Just Leak?

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images)

On Tuesday, the Washington Football Team announced that they would reveal the NFL franchise’s new name on February 2. However, some think a particular website has already given away Washington’s new nickname.

In the summer of 2020, Washington dropped their “Redskins” nickname after 87 years. Following decades of criticism that the name was offensive to Native Americans, the classic NFL franchise removed their longtime name and logo. For the last two seasons, the franchise has adopted the generic “Washington Football Team” moniker.

Owner Dan Snyder and Washington’s front office have taken their time researching options for a new nickname. In fact, the team even took suggestions from fans, which supposedly garnered more than 40,000 submissions. The organization narrowed it down to a selection of eight possibilities. They included Armada, Presidents, Brigade, Defenders, Redhogs, Commanders, RedWolves, and Washington Football Team.

Supposedly, the team whittled the list down to three finalists, and are finally prepared to announce their rebrand in a few weeks. However, we may have gotten a huge hint recently about Washington’s newest nickname. CBS Sports‘ NFL writer Cody Benjamin noted a peculiar redirect online this morning. If you enter in WashingtonAdmirals.com, the link takes you to the official Washington Football Team’s website.

This could be a sign that the team has already reserved the domain name for their rebranded franchise. Yet Benjamin also noted that the organization could be trying to fool others into thinking Admirals is the newest name for the team.

As of this afternoon, WashingtonAdmirals.com isn’t redirecting fans to the Washington Football Team’s website. In most areas of the country, it’s redirecting to Giving Kitchen, which is a non-profit organization. Instead, the link only seems to work in the Washington, D.C. region. We’ll just have to wait until Feb. 2 to find out if there’s any validity to the leak when the team officially announces their newest name.

Washington Football Team Reveals Two Names That Didn’t Make Final Cut

In a statement to fans today, Washington Football Team president Jason Wright announced the date for the nickname reveal. Additionally, he shared that the team chose not to move forward with some of the fan-favorite nicknames. Fans seemed to latch onto “Wolves” and “RedWolves” as a possibility for the rebrand. But possible litigation and trademarks would have hampered the use of the names.

“We didn’t want to risk going down a route that could be dotted with legal hurdles,” Wright’s statement said. “The prospect of years of litigation wasn’t something that we wanted you, our fans, to have to bear as you begin to embrace a new brand.”

Wright also shared a message that the organization is confident of its decision ahead of the big reveal.

“We are confident that this identity is one that our team and our fans across D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and beyond can rally behind for another 90 years and more,” Wright added. “As we continue to cheer on the Burgundy & Gold in this next chapter.”