DirecTV Apologizes for Second-Straight Week of NFL Sunday Ticket Outages

by Dustin Schutte

A day late and a dollar short. That’s how fans and subscribers are feeling after DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket streaming service experienced difficulties during the second week of the season. Nearly 24 hours later, the company has issued an apology.

Monday, DirecTV released a statement regarding the streaming issues that many NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers experienced during Week 2 action. The company says it plans to reimburse those affected by the problems.

“We recognize we didn’t meet expectations on Sunday for customers looking to stream some of the games, and we want to apologize,” DirecTV said in a statement on Twitter. “While it won’t bring the games back, we plan to reach out to those affected to automatically reimburse them for week two.”

Most of the issues occurred during the games that kicked off in the 12 p.m. CT time slot. By the time the late-afternoon slate rolled around, most of the troubles had been corrected.

Still, fans were irate over the outages, especially so early in the year. But it’s been a consistent theme with DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket.

It’s estimated that those affected will receive at least a $16 reimbursement, depending on the package plan.

Fans Let DirecTV Hear It Over NFL Sunday Ticket Outage

After paying a healthy chunk of change to receive excellent coverage all season long, fans weren’t happy over the outages experienced on NFL Sunday Ticket during Week 2. They had no trouble voicing their displeasure, either.

Social media filled with rage of DirecTV’s issues, as well as the lack of response from the company.

Those are just a handful of the backlash hurled DirecTV’s way for the struggles on Sunday. There’s plenty more out there, trust us.

Refunding subscribers is the right thing to do in this circumstance. But that won’t cure fans’ worry about next week — and beyond. Hopefully DirecTV has resolved the issues and we’ll enjoy a full Sunday of football without any unfortunate interruptions in Week 3.