Does This Georgia Player Have College Football’s Most Magnificent Mullet?

by Chris Haney

During Saturday’s SEC matchup between the Georgia Bulldogs and Arkansas Razorbacks, the world was introduced to what may be college football’s most glorious mullet.

The No. 2 Dawgs welcomed the No. 8 Razorbacks to Athens, GA earlier today as the two undefeated teams faced off. The huge football game even had College GameDay roll into town for the weekend. Unfortunately for Arkansas fans, the College GameDay crew may have showed up this weekend, but the Razorbacks sure didn’t. The Bulldogs went on to stomp their opponents 37-0 while handing Arkansas their first loss of the season.

Yet previous to kick off, one Georgia player’s hair stole the show. ESPN reporter Holly Rowe introduced the world to 6-foot, 6-inch, 320-pound right guard Tate Ratledge. Admittedly, it was less of a player introduction than it was an appreciation for Ratledge’s immaculate mullet.

The “business in the front, party in the back” haircut has become quite the trending haircut in recent history. Long gone are the days where you may only see them in Walmart, at a NASCAR race, or on a ’90s country music star. The mullet has gone mainstream and is seen all over these days, including college football.

Ratledge’s haircut is a testament to the specimen that is the mullet. It rivals some of the most well-known cuts of its kind. Legendary mullets adorned the heads of Billy Ray Cyrus, Travis Tritt, and most recently Morgan Wallen. But Ratledge holds his own with his long, flowing, curly mullet.

Holly Rowe said she’s noticed a trend in college football recently since the haircuts are found on almost every team. She asked Ratledge about their popularity in a pre-game interview.

“There’s a trend in college football that I’ve noticed. I mean look at this flow,” Rowe says as the camera pans around Ratledge’s haircut. “This is next level flow. Whats is up with the mullet? I see every single team has a lot of guys with mullets this year. What is this trend?”

“I got out of high school where I had to have short hair at the school I went to. So I was like, might as well go all out,” Ratledge told Rowe.

“Okay, so this is freedom from high school. This is your freedom flow. I love it! Well the mullet’s hip, and you’re very hip. It’s a trend, thank you,” Rowe signed off from the lighthearted and fun interview.

Harris English Flexes on ‘College GameDay’ With Ryder Cup Trophy

Earlier today before the Georgia-Arkansas game, College GameDay welcomed PGA Tour golfer Harry English as today’s special guest. English is fresh off a Ryder Cup victory as part of Team USA’s big win over Europe last weekend.

The four-time PGA tournament winner graduated from UGA back in 2011, so his pick was pretty obvious today. Although biased, he made the right choice, especially since Georgia dominated Arkansas 37-0. Yet English’s biggest flex on the set of the popular pre-game show came out of his own USA/College GameDay golf bag – his Ryder Cup trophy.

As English held the coveted trophy high, he got a huge round of applause from Georgia fans. They also started chanting “U-S-A” to the Ryder Cup champ before the huge college football matchup. It’s been an amazing week for Harry English, and the good times kept a-rollin’ for the golfer and his alma mater as the Bulldogs handled the Razorbacks easily.