Donald Trump Jr Shares Meme Referencing Bubba Wallace and FBI

by Josh Lanier

Donald Trump Jr is recalling a controversy from last year to attack investigators and judges over his dad’s apparent election loss. He posted a meme alleging FBI agents were ignoring large amounts of evidence of voter fraud to investigate the Bubba Wallace’s garage pull scandal.

“Amazing… And true. The FBI sends a team of 15 people to investigate a garage pull, but when it comes to actually looking at voter fraud claims, even with sworn affidavit, they can’t be bothered,” the president’s son captioned the meme. “They simply don’t want to disrupt an outcome that they want in the swamp. This last four years has really open my eyes to our government and our insane bureaucracy.”

Joe Biden is the presumptive president-elect, having beaten Donald Trump 306-232 in electoral votes. Though, Trump and his supports say there was rampant voter fraud and cheating on the part of Democrats. But they haven’t produced any substantiated evidence thus far, and many of the lawsuits challenging the election have been tossed out or are floundering, the New York Times reported.

Trump Jr is referring to the controversy last year after Wallace’s team member noticed the garage pull at their Talladega Superspeedway looked like a noose. Wallace is the only black driver in the NASCAR Cup Series. The FBI found the pull, which did look like a noose, had been there since at least last fall. They say it wasn’t a hate crime, the Sporting News reported.

Wallace and President Trump have clashed a number of times on Twitter and in the press. Bubba Wallace recently released a commercial with new sponsor Root Insurance where he’s ignoring comments made by Trump. The NASCAR driver has been cited frequently by conservatives as personification of what they believe is unfair in the mainstream media.

Donald Trump Jr Fans Sound Off in Comments

Donald Trump Jr supporters also felt the government wasn’t doing enough to investigate the claims of voter fraud.

“All of our eyes have been opened, unfortunately,” one person wrote, referring to Trump’s caption. We thought we lived in a free country and what we were really doing is allowing politicians to get financed by corruption, pulling strings to give them selves favored, and not caring one bit about the people of this country, until your dad came along. Love him best president ever.

“We have your dad to thank for helping us all see the rose-colored goggles we’ve been cruising around with. I for one would rather be blinded by the truth anyday. Eyes wide open,” someone else posted.

Though there were some Biden supporters in the comments also.

“Biden won, get over it,” one person said.